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Desertmole -> Strange Bug? (6/18/2020 6:30:36 PM)

Ok, so I am playing a scenario I built in the original WITP (not Admiral's Edition), which gives the US and Japan four additional battleships. It's based on the War in the Pacific Scenario (scenario #15). I am playing a Japanese computer opponent. My four most powerful battleships went through a scheduled upgrade and now their ammunition is zeroed out. I have tried to replenish the ships in every way I can think of, but no joy. They have no ammo and do not defend themselves from air or surface attack.

Is this a setting I missed or is the game doing this to give the AI a better chance?

I am playing this on my older Dell Inspiron XP machine.

wga8888 -> RE: Strange Bug? (6/19/2020 5:23:24 AM)


I cannot answer your ammo issue. Glad to see others still play.
In my opinion and game history, unless you are playing a thinking human opponent, who can adapt, change tactics, set up ambushes, etc, you are not playing the game. The Pacific games seem setup for the Human to play the IJN; Japanese can modify productions, allocation of forces from non-historical, etc whereas Allies are stuck with historical path.
I 'finished' one campaign vs human in about 4 years playing daily turns (we were 12-14 time zones apart, we each woke up with a turn in inbox). Most turns not that many orders have to be changed. we stopped in March 1945. Opponent was very irritated I was not going to invade Okinawa; I had bases in Formosa & China & Philippines and would be invading Japan in about 3 months/90 turns. Turns out he had 6 IJA divisions in Okinawa, max fortifications, supply stockpile, 6000 guns, 25K naval mines. So I would have lost all my MSW and landing craft for 6 mo and would not be able to invaded Japan after Okinawa. And I did not need Okinawa.

Found many subsystems broken; which all favor Japanese. [some were fixes in AE 6 years + updates) I have AE but never started an actual game vs human (lack discretionary time to play bad AI).

My other game is in year 6 and we are only at 11/42; opponent sends me a turn every 5-20 days. in 2019, I only got 17 turns. I may not live long enough to see and Essex Class carrier. He went all in vs India with full weight ot IJN and IJA. India only starts with seven 1/3 strength Indian ID and one Brit to defend 10 coastal cities. Hurricanes have no range and cannto stand up to Naval Zeros. Unlike AE, there is no where for RN to escape from karachi, and not emergency reinforcements due to non-historical IJN plan. I keep playing as it takes no effort on my part (5 min to review combat, 10 for some order changes). I captured Tarawa when IJN CVs were away, IJN has Makin. the IJN CVs are parked between Baker and Tarawa, Tarawa gets regularly bombarded by IJN CAs/BBs. I can only expend PT boats as defense. But at least I know where the IJN is. Game is interesting but wish was a much faster pace.

(I did play a game vs AI IJ at HARD but stopped in 2/42 as had already sunk half of teh IJN CVS in constant battles around my major allied base at Timor using mainly Dutch planes. There4 was no challenge so no point in continuing.

Allied turn 3 add SP, replacement and reinforcements- POOR WEATHER!

Eastern Front games for the Human to play Axis. [AI plays Germans like Russian, no pincers or concentration for force]

War in the East is similar as AI is a bad Russian opponent and very bad Axis opponent (plays like Russia, no concentration, no pincers, etc). Tried 4 campaign games vs human Germans. One won early, other three quit during het first Winter as it was not fun for their side with a dozen more winter turns. If ti was not fun in winter 41, would definitely not be fun in 1943 when Russians could do something (if had not lost). Finding an Axis would will stick the game out to win a strategic defense vs time may be hard to find.
I keep toying with finding a WITP-AE Japanese or WITE Axis opponent. But opponent attrition is high and would be a multi year project. I play a lot of boardgames on pbem Vassal & Vassal server. mamy boardgame titles yet to play.
Also playing my 5th pbem DOS Pacific War game on my XP Weekly turns so not as detailed but still fun to play.

Ian R -> RE: Strange Bug? (6/21/2020 9:33:55 AM)

Have a look in the editor at the ship class that they upgraded to - I suspect the problem is that no ammunition amount was inserted in the relevant column.

There is a way to fix that in a modded game in AE - you create another class with ammunition indicated, and set up a conversion from the faulty class to the new one with a 1 day delay.

I am not sure if that is possible with the original WITP - no longer loaded on my machine.

Desertmole -> RE: Strange Bug? (6/23/2020 5:43:16 PM)


Thanks. Found it and fixed it.


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