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ydmatrix2 -> "Recruit Senior" with almost no experience? 1.03beta5 (6/18/2020 3:25:49 PM)

Just used the "Recruit Senior" strat twice.

Character 1: Cap 1, 214 exp
Character 2: Cap 1, 355 exp

The description is: "Recruit an older leader with loads of experience".

I dont know what is the allowed experience range for this strat but this seems extremely low (even a cap 1 character that sits in the reserve pool for 30 years doing nothing will have more experience than this). The downside of this strat is supposed to be the age of the character (69 and 65 in this case) - you are not getting long service out of them. But at least they should be valuable for a short while.

zgrssd -> RE: "Recruit Senior" with almost no experience? 1.03beta5 (6/18/2020 3:34:13 PM)

There is actualyl a number of tradeoffs with this card:
- high age of leader
- high cost of card
- need a Interior Council to even generate it (unlike Merc and Junior)

So it really should not result in something like a Cap 1 with no experience. At least one of the 2 should be high.

Note: I ever actually lost a active leader to aging/retirement. Only my reserve pool keeps thinning itself out like that. In the game 30 turns equal 5 earth years.

Malevolence -> RE: "Recruit Senior" with almost no experience? 1.03beta5 (6/18/2020 4:51:06 PM)

Indeed. Should not generate a Cap I and rarely II in my opinion.

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