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MorningDew -> Sardinia - Italian Morale (6/18/2020 2:26:00 AM)

It seems the capture of the Iron Ore in Sardinia doesn't lower Italian morale by 5. However, taking Tripoli does lower it by 1.

Is that WAD or a bug?

I was really surprised that morale doesn't drop by 5 since Sardinia is Italian territory at the start of the game.

EDIT: It does appear that the 63 starting morale does NOT include Sardinia, so guessing that is WAD.

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Sardinia - Italian Morale (6/18/2020 3:39:57 AM)

Italy is fine.

Resources don't count as moral. Urban areas do.

MorningDew -> RE: Sardinia - Italian Morale (6/18/2020 11:27:18 AM)

Live and learn:) This might be something that can be clarified in the manual. Some areas reference Urban with Morale, but, for example, places like page 25 make it sound like urban isn't part of the equation:

"Taking brown or green circle hexes reduces the morale."

kennonlightfoot -> RE: Sardinia - Italian Morale (6/18/2020 2:14:42 PM)

Seems like Italians take a morale hit when certain types of invasions happen especially against the mainland. It's small and only seems to occur for amphibious invasions. Otherwise its the VP cities that trigger loss of Morale. As far as I can tell taking non-VP cities has no effect.

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Sardinia - Italian Morale (6/18/2020 3:07:24 PM)

The Italians surrender when enough of their stuff is taken. Before the US is in you need a lot. After the USA is in you don't need much. In truth I think from my research they surrendered because they took massive losses. Every year of the war they lost a huge amount of units.

1940 Egypt
1941 Greece and Russia
1942 Tunisia

These are numbers they couldn't handle and the people were pissed.

With hindsight it is unlikely Italy will lose that much so a different mechanism had to be put in place to simulate an easier surrender.

MorningDew -> RE: Sardinia - Italian Morale (6/18/2020 3:52:20 PM)

I understand the logic and it should force the Italians not to spread too thin.

I was thrown by this phrase: "Taking brown or green circle hexes reduces the morale."

Other areas spell our Urban Citied brown and green, but I stopped reading here:)

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