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Nomada_Firefox -> Help required with buildings (6/15/2020 9:34:08 PM)

This is for the developers. Can you share a building in fbx format? I have problems stopping the vehicles entering my new buildings and it is some from the model for sure.

Steve McClaire -> RE: Help required with buildings (6/16/2020 4:29:45 PM)

Will see about getting a sample building FBX.

Does your building contain details? Make sure the main mesh for the building didn't end up as a child of something tagged 'detail_' or the whole thing will be treated as a detail (and these aren't hit tested.)

Nomada_Firefox -> RE: Help required with buildings (6/16/2020 9:19:18 PM)

Yes, it was not the problem. The detail feature is very good and it runs, you can get different building colors with one single model. Just I am curious because the originals do not use it too much, just I saw it in few buildings. However, I have edited it.

The problem with the tanks entering was the pivot positions. Because I noted how the buildings floor covered just the middle of the buildings and I thought how the pivot could be looking to the roof. Some strange. Looking the bocage fbx model shared, I could see how the pivots were in the archon tool.
Z is the red.
X is the blue
Y is the green
At least correlation with the pivots at 3Dmax.

Now I have the buildings running but I would like the fbx example from a building, one with outside and walkable area, not just for me, just for everybody, it is very interesting if we want make models as your models or at least similar in many things.

In the four buildings added by me, I added different chimney, roof and walls details. I edited a normandy texture for to be a bit better with a less complex model. Just with the windows and doors painted in the alpha because your models look as if the windows were in the mesh. I tested them in game and they run very well.

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