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Shannon V. OKeets -> Hot Patch 03 01 00 07 (6/14/2020 4:04:13 AM)

Attached is Hot Patch version

The attached Zipped file contains a replacement executable (MWIF.exe).

The Release Notes for the Hot Patch - shown below - are in a second file (Part 2).


Release Notes for Hot Patch Version
(changes since

All Modes of Play

Land Operations
1. Fixed an initialization problem with land combat. Sometimes restoring a saved game had the land combat resolution starting with the Advance After Combat phase, which caused a fatal error.

2. Fixed a problem with Retreats from a Land Combat when the retreating units overrun air and/or naval units belonging to the attacking player. The program now interrupts the retreat sequence of play with a digression to process the overrun units (usually forcing them to rebase) before returning to the retreat subphase of the land combat resolution phase.

Naval Operations
3. Fixed the Choose Section form so it once again shows the sea area name in the formís title.

4. Fixed a problem with destroying naval units that cannot return to base during the Stay At Sea/Return To Base phases.

Use Oil
5. Fixed a newly created problem with the Use Oil form where the Expend Oil button was incorrectly disabled. That occurred when there was only one unit to reorganize and/or only one oil source available.

Vichy France
6. Fixed a problem with collapsing Vichy France where convoy units with more than 1 convoy point where being rolled for captured/destruction/escape as a single unit, instead of first being split into separate single point convoys, followed by each convoy point/unit then being rolled for capture/destruction/escape separately.

7. Fixed a typo in the Start Game form.

8. Fixed a problem with partisans never appearing in minor countries at war with a major power (A), but whose controlling major power is not at war with A. For example, if Italy is at war with Greece, which is controlled by the Commonwealth, and Italy is not at war with the Commonwealth, then Greek partisans were not appearing.

Shannon V. OKeets -> RE: Hot Patch 03 01 00 07 (6/14/2020 4:29:29 AM)

Here is part 2 - The Release Notes.

ACMW -> RE: Hot Patch 03 01 00 07 (6/14/2020 6:19:23 AM)

Wow, point 2 is interesting. I have been playing the various incarnations of WiF for 10 days a year since 1990, and I donít ever recall encountering this case. Just goes to show the Ďedge casesí (if that is the correct term) that need to be covered when coding.

CanInf -> RE: Hot Patch 03 01 00 07 (6/14/2020 6:06:12 PM)

looking forward to flying this in a few hours! thanks!

AstroBlues -> RE: Hot Patch 03 01 00 07 (7/2/2020 12:12:19 AM)

I cannot get this file unzipped. I put it in a folder and all it says is what app opens it.


Shannon V. OKeets -> RE: Hot Patch 03 01 00 07 (7/6/2020 7:10:17 PM)


ORIGINAL: AstroBlues

I cannot get this file unzipped. I put it in a folder and all it says is what app opens it.


Are you using Windows?

AstroBlues -> RE: Hot Patch 03 01 00 07 (7/8/2020 11:53:13 PM)

Sorry I have not replied. I got the patch working and installed. Thank you.


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