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jkgarner -> Creating a Lua Library for Command (6/13/2020 10:41:32 AM)

Across the Forum there are many examples of excellent and useful functions. Some of the forum posters have expressed a desire to create a Lua Library for Command with their collection of functions as a way to give back to the community.

I have been working the last month or more on how to put together a library within the Command Lua environment that meets the needs of software developers and customers alike.

Developers need organization of the code base, a way to build test harnesses and execute them easily, and the ability to track versions. Ease of distribution generation is a plus.

Customers require ease of use and code that functions flawlessly. They also require documentation of the library.

I have not yet answered the documentation part, however the rest I believe is solved. At least good enough for my own use.

The attached zip file contains my solution. It has a simple (not useful) library implemented that showcases the process in sufficient detail to allow a developer to replicate the process, should he or she decide this is a good idea.

Feel free to examine it and if you find the ideas or processes useful, build a library of your own functions.

Good luck.

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