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Franciscus -> 1.08 beta 2 crashes (6/12/2020 2:13:09 PM)


I have tried the latest beta, and the game does not open.

As you may remember, I am using Crossover (WINE), on my iMac, without a problem until this version.

The problem seems to be on the UnityCrashHandler64.exe file, but I am not sure


ncc1701e -> RE: 1.08 beta 2 crashes (6/13/2020 5:27:08 PM)

Is the problem general or just for some configurations?

AlvaroSousa -> RE: 1.08 beta 2 crashes (6/14/2020 2:27:43 PM)

I re-uploaded the 2019 Unity version I think yesterday.

Make a new directory anywhere.
Put all the new files in it.
COPY the serialreg.txt from the installed WarPlan directory to the new directory.
Try and run it. See if that works. Be sure to use the Warplan.exe in the new directory not the matrix launcher. The launcher could also be the problem.

WarPlan will run from any folder as long as the serial.txt is there and matches what is installed. It does a check.

Franciscus -> RE: 1.08 beta 2 crashes (6/14/2020 9:31:09 PM)

Hi Alvaro I tried what you suggest above.

Still the game won't load.

I noticed also that while in 1.072 the "Mono" folder is a subfolder of "WarPlan_Data", in the beta the new "MonoBleedingEdge" folder is a separate folder. I tried to move this "MonoBleedingEdge" folder inside the "WarPlan_data" folder but then I get a crash, with a message: "Failed to load Mono".

I am beginning to think that in my config I will have to stick to the 2017 Unity engine, and so, stay with 1.072 version...[:(]

(Anyhow, tomorrow I will try in Windows (via Parallels) in the Steam version...)

AlvaroSousa -> RE: 1.08 beta 2 crashes (6/15/2020 3:38:57 AM)

Did you make sure the wine setting was for Win 7 SP1 or better? I was looking stuff up and I couldn't find a reason why it wouldn't work.

Franciscus -> RE: 1.08 beta 2 crashes (6/15/2020 4:52:26 AM)

Yes, a Windows 10 64 bit “bottle”

Franciscus -> RE: 1.08 beta 2 crashes (6/15/2020 2:01:36 PM)

Well, the beta patch 1.08 beta 2 works fine in Windows 10 (on Parallels), both with Matrix version and with Steam

So the issue I am having is WINE related (my guess now is some incompatibility between Crossover version of WINE - 4.12.1 - and the mono version used by Unity 2019).

As my config is not officially supported, no need to worry about it, Alvaro. Maybe with the upcoming Crossover version this is solved to me.


AlvaroSousa -> RE: 1.08 beta 2 crashes (6/15/2020 2:41:20 PM)

I hope so. I am updated to 2019 due to some of the directX crashes players are having. I am hoping 2019 resloves these. Also Unity makes versions obsolete as you go. If I have too old of an engine it won't update to the new model correctly. For example there is no Windows 95 to Windows 10 conversation disk lol.

ericdauriac -> RE: 1.08 beta 2 crashes (6/16/2020 9:13:14 PM)


The beta version 8U2 does not allow any more to modify advancementdata by UserSavedData.


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