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Emx77 -> SHQ Logistic limitations (6/11/2020 4:25:46 PM)

I would like if someone can shed some light into managing SHQ logistic limitations. This is from manual:


There are a number of uses of Logistical Points that are done automatically at the start of a new turn. In order to give the players some control over where they are allowed to be spend on, you can specify percentages for all automated SHQ activities that use Logistical Points. (p. 314)

Ok, this is understandable.


The Percentage specified in each Standing Order refers to a percentage of the original Logistical Points available on a road upon creation of the Logistical Network that can be used. The total of the percentages is allowed to surpass 100%. (p. 314)

Why or when should total be set above 100% and what does that mean anyway? For example, if all options are at 100% does that mean each of four items on list is using 25% logistic?


Setting it lower is however a good way to guarantee you will have some Logistical Points left to, for example, execute Strategic Transfers during your turn. (p. 314)

Again, purpose for setting it lower than 100% is understandable. But why complicating UI in this way? Wouldn't it be more logical to have five sliders (four existing items plus strategic transfer), where total couldn't not be higher than 100%? Sliders in same manner as those used for allocating BP among various councils or projects?


Jdane -> RE: SHQ Logistic limitations (6/11/2020 5:05:56 PM)

Plus having sliders would provide finer control instead of 10% increments. I agree this UI could be improved upon.

Setting the maximum percentage of the total amount of logistics points available to be used for each phase at 100 % does not mean the total is split 25 % for each, but rather :
- if the SHQ needs 100 % of the total available to send Items requested by its zones, it consumes all and there's nothing left for the subsequent phases ;
- if that required less, if the SHQ needs 100 % of the remaining logistical points left to send supplies to the units, it consumes all and there's nothing left for the subsequent phases ;
- etc.

You can end up having a total greater than 100 % but in my opinion in rather fringe cases, when you have some emergency and want to make sure to allow a greater percentage of your logistics capacity is allowed to one phase, while still allowing some of it to one or several other ones. You shouldn't have to use it that often if your network is reasonably robust.

The fact that the phases happen in succession, and thus the early ones are inherently prioritized, somewhat limits what you can accomplish by adjusting this setting. (For instance, Replacements being last, you can only reserve 70 % of the total if you don't want to entirely shut down the rest. You can set it to 100 % and the rest to 0 % if you want to make sure to use all available logistical points to ferry Replacements if needed, but should have points left after that, they would be left unused since there's no going back.)

Emx77 -> RE: SHQ Logistic limitations (6/11/2020 6:26:22 PM)

Thanks man, this helps a lot.

arvcran2 -> RE: SHQ Logistic limitations (1/29/2021 9:20:00 AM)

Would be nice to have some kind of predictive distribution report based on the current state, in order to better manage things.

zgrssd -> RE: SHQ Logistic limitations (1/29/2021 10:33:41 AM)


I would like if someone can shed some light into managing SHQ logistic limitations.

There seem to be two "passes" for the SHQ Logistics:
The first pass follows the percentage rules.
The second does not.

With those selected values, on the first pass the SHQ can not spend more then X% logistics on:
40% Zone Deliveries
40% Unit Deliveries (Supplies)
30% Zone retreival
30% Replacements

So if you use all Zone and Unit deliveries "allowance", only 20% will be left for Zone retreivals and Repalcements. Wich would be a problem to even deliver supplies.
However you should rarely tax out even one of these percentages. If you do, it might be high time for a logistics upgrade.

In practice at any given turn, you might only use 10% on Zone Deliveries (despite 40% being the cap), 10% on Unit Deliveries (against despite a cap of 40%), leaving you 80% to distribute between Zone retreeival and Replacements.
However after this there is a second pass, where all the limits are ignored. This avoids you wasting any Logistics points, that were reserved (but could not be used) by a later point.

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