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Uxbridge -> Earth calling Panzer Mike (6/10/2020 7:04:27 AM)

Hello, Mike.

You once gave me the offer to help with scripts. Me and my opponent are playing a fictional scenario that works fine in most regards, but I haven't yet dared do anything with the scripts. Therefore I left them as they were, hoping they wouldn't mess up anything.

Now they did. It didn't kill the game, cause we're not playing the it as a match, but as a test how we can deal with new situations without the benefit of hindsight. But yesterday Italy, wich was only marginally invaded from Yugoslavia, suddenly surrendered. It was some trigger that probably derive from a script dealing with a possible 43-45 situation.

I would like to erase all scripts in a number of scenarios, so I can then work with them clean, as the board och a chess game when putting up the pieces.

So if you could either explain to me how it is done (if it is easy), or (if it doesn't take too long to do) be true to your offer and help me erase the scripts from 3 scenarios I will send you, I would be very happy.

The other Mike, A.K.A Uxbridge

PanzerMike -> RE: Earth calling Panzer Mike (6/10/2020 7:36:44 AM)

Hey mate, so if I understand correctly you wish to erase all the events in the txt files?

What you could try is this:

Hope this does the trick while at the same not breaking your scenario entirely [:D]. I have not tried something like this.

Good luck!

Uxbridge -> RE: Earth calling Panzer Mike (6/10/2020 7:43:39 AM)

Yes, that is what I want. Erase everything in them, eh? I did something similar earlier, but that led to some hangup when playing the scenario (on the AI side). But I can't remember if I did it this way. Will try. Thanks.

PanzerMike -> RE: Earth calling Panzer Mike (6/10/2020 7:55:43 AM)

Well, as I said, I never tried this. I hope the game can cope with empty txt files. If not, there is a plan B.
All the events start with a date, like for example: if_Date=1/1/1939
You could do a replace in a text editor and change all of these entries to if_date=1/1/1950 for example. That way all the events are still there, yet never triggered.

Don't forget to load the adapted scripts into your scenario using the editor of course.

Uxbridge -> RE: Earth calling Panzer Mike (6/10/2020 8:07:43 AM)

How do I do the last thing, load it into the scenario? Changing in the scripts and saving the files doesn't do it, you mean?

I think changing dates is the best way to go.

Uxbridge -> RE: Earth calling Panzer Mike (6/10/2020 8:12:14 AM)

Ah, sorry, I now saw there were more than one side in the document you gave me.

Thanks again.

PanzerMike -> RE: Earth calling Panzer Mike (6/10/2020 8:15:05 AM)

After you have adapted the txt files and saved them, you need to start Warplan, open your scenario in the editor, do "Load All Scripts" and save your scenario. Only then will your adapted txt script files be incorporated in your scenario.

Check out the pdf in my earlier post on how to load the txt files in your scenario.

Edit: ah, you discovered the other pages in my pdf [:)]

Uxbridge -> RE: Earth calling Panzer Mike (6/10/2020 8:20:52 AM)

Japp. Initially, I only saw the first page. I will try these things now, starting with erasing everything.

Uxbridge -> RE: Earth calling Panzer Mike (6/10/2020 9:05:32 AM)

Seems it worked. I had the game play against itself for some turns and no M-R pact kicked in.

PanzerMike -> RE: Earth calling Panzer Mike (6/10/2020 10:13:38 AM)


Uxbridge -> RE: Earth calling Panzer Mike (7/12/2020 6:24:44 AM)

Think we discussed this earlier, at that point regarding AA, but I can't find that thread.

How do I set the level of a port? I know where to change the setting, besides the AA setting, but how the heck do one enter the figure into the hex?

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