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Resan -> Archaeology Effort (6/8/2020 6:33:39 PM)

Archaeology Effort, what does it do?

I thought it would reveal any Archaeology Sites in the selected zone, but I've had it succeeding twice now, but no sites reveled it self. Still only got the one on the starting hex.

So what is it supposed to exactly?

Nemo84 -> RE: Archaeology Effort (6/8/2020 6:58:11 PM)

The one time it succeeded in many attempts, it revealed a water deposit. Even if the roll is successful, it typically says nothing is available, which might correspond with my prospecting report saying all resource sites are discovered. It might be bugged.

Cornuthaum -> RE: Archaeology Effort (6/8/2020 7:15:51 PM)

Prospecting effort only picks up resources

archaeology effort picks up resource deposits too but might also reveal artifacts

Resan -> RE: Archaeology Effort (6/8/2020 8:16:08 PM)

Ahh, it finds resources to?

Explains it I guess, as I did suddenly have a metal I didn't know where came from.
Not the most intuitive name imo


GodwinW -> RE: Archaeology Effort (6/9/2020 12:14:31 AM)

You'll see a little pyramid on the hex. And where you normally see how deep water or metal or is, there you'll see an entry for the artifact.

PyrrhicDefeat -> RE: Archaeology Effort (7/12/2020 3:21:21 AM)

This is clearly a not fully baked system in the game. The manual refers to "allocating BP to the Archaeology Task of your Economic Council" but it isn't there, the only related thing in EC is prospecting, and that makes no mention of archaeology or "Archaeology Bonus Points" (also from the manual). The one time I found something using the archaeology card it was a metal deposit, not an artifact. All the artifacts I've found just appeared, maybe when I cleared FOW from the hex they sat in?

Twotribes -> RE: Archaeology Effort (7/12/2020 3:44:22 AM)

It is also possible if you succeed that there are no more possible in that zone, for all my pyramids they appear on ruins. And to work the Pyramid I build a reclaim structure on the ruin.

vlad1492 -> RE: Archaeology Effort (7/12/2020 7:31:32 AM)

Same here, Twotribes. I've tried it a bunch on two maps. The one with lots of ruins, lots of archaeology.
Build a salvager there, get pretty blue artifacts. Awesome!
By lots I mean maybe five sites over the course of the campaign and roughly a dozen attempts.

The one with mostly grass, I never found an archaeological dig site even with most of the map under my control and lots of attempts.

I suspect it has to do with the tech level on your world before the collapse.

demiare -> RE: Archaeology Effort (7/12/2020 8:57:39 AM)

Game will say clearly that there is no more possible archaeological discoveries in that zone if your roll will be successful.

Quite useful card to speed up revealing all sites in a big city area so you can start scavenging faster without risking possible artifact gains. And sometimes it's funny, to have more automatic card factories then you have neighbors around :)

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