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WeaverofBrokenThreads -> Archeology (6/8/2020 6:59:10 AM)

I have found a site but I can't seem to figure out how to start extracting. Any help would be appreciated.

Vormithrax -> RE: Archeology (6/8/2020 7:04:42 AM)

Page 172 and 173

Excavating- Once an Archaeological Find has been made you can excavate it.

Excavating is done by normal Scavenging or Recycling Assets. For every X
points scavenged on a Hex containing an Archaeological Find you’ll have a
chance to find an Artefact. The chance will be noted in the Interface.

When an Artefact is found it will become available to you as a Stratagem.

WeaverofBrokenThreads -> RE: Archeology (6/8/2020 7:06:20 AM)

Ahh, thank you. I looked at the manual but used the more traditional spelling of archeology. Thank you.

vitalius2009 -> RE: Archeology (6/16/2020 8:48:27 AM)

I am not sure that I understood whole process.
I'll try to explain:
1) I play strategem Archeogical Find
2) I get message about success and something "very rare"
3) What is next?

I guess that I should look for thd special sign on the map (how it look like?) where I have to build Recycling ? Is it correct?
But I am not sure.
I played two time with success archaelogical strategem. After one appears something like pyramid on the map in this zone. But after second not and it makes me confused...

Saros -> RE: Archeology (6/16/2020 9:52:50 AM)

Archeology card is bugged, update to the latest beta to fix it.

vitalius2009 -> RE: Archeology (6/16/2020 10:19:51 AM)



Archeology card is bugged, update to the latest beta to fix it.

*requires a new game start

Ok, but I will see that in my second game only [:(]
But how it should work? I was correct in my guess?

Jdane -> RE: Archeology (6/16/2020 2:44:13 PM)

From what the relevant section of the manual ( tells us, I believe you were correct.
Once the special symbol appears on the map, build a recycling facility there if not already done, and you'll have a chance each turn to find the artifact proper. (It's all detailed.)

However this section of the manual appears not to be up to date since it's mentioning an Archeological Task of the Economic Council, but I've only ever seen the Prospection one. The former might have been fused with the latter or it might not, I can't see any way to tell. Only Vic could confirm this.

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