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deep42 -> Black hole in Calais (hex 3788) (6/6/2020 10:35:05 AM)

For some testing I just started the "Bulge To the Rhine" scenario as Allied.
Looking at the map I wondered why there is no air field in Calais. (No airfield symbol on the map in the Calais hex 3788) But after clicking on the hex an airfield icon is shown in the "General Information and City/Airfield Box" (top right).

When selecting air transfer mode (F10), the air base information box displays the correct air base name and airbase data (size/capacity/number of aircraft etc). No airgroups are available yet.

After an air group has been transferred to the Calais air field (F10), the air field data line is updated, but still no air group is displayed in the air base information box of Calais. The air group has simply disappeared and I have not found a way to access the group again.

Because I am on 1.02.59 beta with Torch and the MapOverhaul mod installed I have installed WITW on a second machine. In Version 1.0 the air field in Calais is fine. After updateing to 1.02.56 the problem reappears.

Same problem exists in St-Valery-en-Caux hex 3831. I didnt see the problem with other scenarios.

Seems to be a bug!?



Denniss -> RE: Black hole in Calais (hex 3788) (6/10/2020 5:37:39 PM)

The Calais Airbase has 996 delay so a scenario error. same with the other airbase

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