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Vic -> Open Beta Patch v1.07.05 (last update 23 jan!) (6/5/2020 10:32:51 AM)


Attention STEAM users: This patch can ONLY be installed over the MATRIX version of Shadow Empire. If you have the STEAM version you'll have to use the STEAM platforms integrated beta functionality. Note that the posting of beta's will lag a bit behind them being posted on Matrix.

So, dear Matrix players,

This patch can be manually installed only over the official v1.06 or any other v1.06.0X of course. Make sure you have the v1.06/v1.07 or higher before applying the patch below.

Recommended to only try this "Open Beta" Patch if (a) you really have a need to have a fix... Or (b) if you just want to help me out by checking it runs properly.

"Open Beta" means that it has not been fully tested yet.

If you are uncomfortable with an "Open Beta" or with manually copying files please wait till the "Official" Patch from the publisher which should arrive this wednesday.

Enough of the disclaimers....

Existing games started with a previous version can be continued.

Download the patch here (in Chrome you might have to right click and select open in new tab):

Just copy the contents of the zip file inside the game folder (where the ShadowEmpire.exe is) and overwrite any existing files/directories.
Best way to do this is opening the zip and doing ctrl-A (select all) and ctrl-C (copy) and the going to the Shadow Empire directory and pressing ctrl-V (paste) and when windows prompts tell it to overwrite all files.

A game NEWLY started with a properly patched version will show "Version #97" in your "Dashboard Report".

In order to test the new Air Forces addition you'll need to flag "Air Forces enabled" in the PLANET GENERATION setup page.

Changelist for v1.07.05
-Fixed big crash bug caused with 1.07.04
-The glitch corrupted some data and could take a few turns to surface to turn into a bug. Corrupted savefiles due to 1.07.04 play are cleaned up as well.

Changelist for v1.07.04
-Added Very Slow AI speed and made regular Slow mode less slow. See Prefs Tab.
-Fixed bug with Zones losing their SHQs ! Apologies. It was caused in a previous open beta.
-Fixed the missing Stratagem generation info
-Scrap Strats no longer give “Market” Asset (which is an asset still in development and not meant to be given yet)
-Scrap Strats no also can give some Private Mining and Private Farming Assets
-Alien Fauna now should make some sound in combat
-Switched back the compilation mode to the one used in 1.07.02 to see if it fixes some weird calculation errors or not.
-Double Artifact Stratagem fixed and also the amount of Artifacts you’ll find should be lower due to this fix.
-Several Private Assets including Private Hospital have had their way too high Population need reduced by factor of ten *

Changelist for v1.07.03
-Made some relatively good speed improvements to turn speed. However this also made me change some compilation settings and might give some unwanted bugs, didn’t find any, but lets see. Stay aware this is an open BETA. capitals for emphasis.
-Minors with whom you have “unclear” relation can no longer take your locations.
-Fixed a crash when player gets more than 300 stratagems in stock (caused with 1.07.02).. auto-Scrapping should now work as intended.
-Nomads when losing a conquered city now are NOT removed from game anymore.

Changelist for v1.07.02
-Added possibility to scrap Stratagems and craft new Stratagems (spending Scrap Points) to the game. You can find all new functionality in the Stratagem Tab when you flag “Scrap Mode” in the top-right corner. *
-Fixed propper average of attack and hitbonus skill % in Leader blocks in combat results window
-When tolerated equipment is switched for better equipment during replacement troops phase it keeps the soldiers (the xp, rdn, mor) where they are and only switches the equipment.
-MissileLauncher and RocketLauncher and other mechanized Launchers now use the Gun Tactics Skill (instead of Tank Tactics)
-Rail Stations now also profit from LogBonus *
-No longer very occasional n/a skill learning with Leader XP where Leader did not use any skill that turn
-Made fixes to the max logistical % settings for SHQ which were being overly optimistic (euphemism for not sticking to the limits)
-Fixed issue with Deception Skill being wrongly used in the combat mechanics.
-Fixed crash with older version savefiles and trying Strategic Transfer
-Automatic scrapping of most doubled Stratagems after you have more than 300 of them. To prevent too huge piles of Stratagems. *
-Fixed a nasty loss of Credits due to a bug to structural damage caused during battle code.

*=requires new game start with this version

Changelist for v1.07.01
-Fixed a crash (caused with previous open beta)

Changelist for v1.07
-No longer access to RPG Infantry Brigade in Tech 4 start (you’ll have to develop a Model + Formation first)
-Road construction at very long distance from SHQ now also possible (was a glitch)
-Reduced XP spending on Resist Influence, Endurance and some other Skills
-Added chance for learning a random skill, not often, but possible. Much more chance if no other skill qualifies for spending XP on.
-Added in some securities for AI to not go overboard with Airbase construction and not produce any aircraft models with to low range either.
-Upgrading and Replacing in same hex and SHQ should now always work, even if logistical points is at 0.

Changelist for v1.06.15
-Fixed a glitch where some Major Stratagems where presented as not accessible due to not the right Faction in Power (unless accessed by Regime Tab in the bottom). This is fixed now.
-Have been making fixes to the AI garrison algorithms, especially for Minors, which were still leaving empty their City in some cases.
-A number of spelling and missing “00” corrections. *
-Fixed a calculation error in Dogfight Modifier during Air Combat.
-Fixed a crash with Management Tab if you had an Asset/Hex Perk at 0,0 hex.
-Fixed glitch with Mot/Mech Storm Grenadier Bat *
-Closed an exploit with Attract Free Folk Stratagem *
-Easier Logistics game variant now also doubles range of Supply Bases (the variant is more consistent like that)

Changelist for v1.06.14
-Fixed quite a major bug that caused “Maximum Storage” not to be transferred to SHQ in some circumstances, which led to some big Item losses in SHQ inventory.
-Made some nudges to Minor AI tactics (both for non-slow and slow AI mode)
-Fixed crash in combat window when doing combat with insane amount of enemy troops
-Fixed some Colonist/Recruits mouseover qty’s missing double zero behind 00
-Also fixed some wrong ratio in Replace Popup and Scrap and Upgrade Results
-Diminished Hi-Tech costs for Beam and Plasma Guns *
-Fixed some typo’s and spelling errors *
-Unification and Annexation Stratagems are a bit more difficult in general now, but also a bit more variable in difficulty (based on the aggression of the target culture) *
-AI now disbands old equipment piling up in its SHQs.
-A major AI now has 40% chance to always try to keep Airforce in the Air (instead of switching fully to Flak Gun production) *

Changelist for v1.06.13
-Fixed a sort of “hanging” request for Scientific Cooperation by a regime you already refused or at this time are even at war with *
-I speeded up a noticeable interface delay when clicking units a lot in some Militia cases / Units direct under SHQ cases.
-Added protective code for the crash issue with the permissions/virus checker for Steam version MyDocuments access. If system does not support internal savedgames/ directory will now be used.
-Added the relation change logbook entries to the mouse-over in the Leader Popup Window
-Added relation changes caused by Leader Feats to the relation change logbook of Leaders
-Fixed a nasty code bug which caused population happiness to malfunction.
-Fixed a glitch that caused Regime Overview Reports to disappear in rare cases
-Rule change: early Fate Stratagems will no longer disappear once you cross to respectively Tech Level 5+ or Culture Level 5+
-Added Max Size an Aircraft can transport through Air Bridge to its detailed popup.
-Added some mouse-over improvements for using Strategic Transfer through Air Bridges
-Added some map-arrow improvements for using Strategic Transfer through Air Bridges
-Fixed an Air Bridge calculation error were sometimes land connection got preferred. Should be fixed now. But keep an eye on it.

Changelist for v1.06.12
-Scrapping outside Zone was working well, but I have fixed the textual feedback to be a bit clearer.
-Prevented some map clicking when also clicking on a tab in the top
-Made a speed improvement to the slow AI that will hardly or not at all affect its quality of moves
-Beam Gun on Heavy Tank now rendered correctly *
-Veteran Sgt / Lt. will now longer trigger for Air Units *
-Added some protective code to avoid showing wrong DIFFiculty for Provocation Stratagem.
-Fixed an eternal loop "freeze" with Preview Points calcs
-Fixed crash with battlegroup transfers (finally!)
-Repaired the Roaming thieves decision, now targets private Food *
-Decreased Machinery cost for SAM Launchers *
-Fixed effect of Research Bonus on binary Tech advances
-Improved history flow with the battles now showing the original situation + combat results and only in the next step the after-battle state.
-Air Bridge SFX during turn startup are now really gone
-Fixed Leader Suitability Rating for Airforce Council
-Explosion before Combat with Air Recon gone for good
-Fixed a crash/corruption with Air Bridge calculations when enemy intercept became possible
-Combat sounds with Air Bridge intercept now also muted as you are not seeing their results and they are calculated behind the scenes, so to speak.
-Fixed a glitch for Tactical Nuke weapon, description of tech fixed and can now be used with Automated Turret as well *

Changelist for v1.06.10
-Machinery treasures have less quantity now (was a bit over the top) *
-Moved 5 Linear Weapon Improvement Techs from Military Research Council to Applied Science Council *
-Treasure Hoard Stratagem, AI giving you discovery and other similar events/instances will now NOT give certain techs that will be of no use because you do not have the earlier techs or because planetary conditions are not met. Did a manual pass tech by tech and it should be done right this time. *
-Fixed older game starts played with 1.06.02 or higher that were getting weird skill growth due to the newly added personality modifiers on skill choice in 1.06.02.
-When establishing Air Bridges with the Air Bridge order they now limit you to the initial Air Bridge mission maximum range (which might be below optimal due to lack of AP or Rdn)
-A little bit more consequences from playing the Ask for Help Stratagem (to often). Also tuned down the amount of Credits you can ask for. (could be excessive in later game)*
-Fixed AI air unit relocation mechanism that was not using full range of its aircraft causing some to get stuck in airbasisolated areas.

Changelist for v1.06.09
-Design of Air Models… Hitpoints last formula part is now +25 instead of +1d50. Much more consistent with the rules like this.
-Added a “usertestmode.txt” file which is by default set to false, but can be set to true. This allows user access to toggle on modes that generate all Stratagems and start the game with all Techs and all Models. Great for the curious and the graphics modders.
-AI is now properly spreading its Flak out, instead of sometimes piling it all in the same piece of frontage
-Revised algorithm determining Armour & Weapon choices for tanks. AI should build more competitive models now.
-Also addressed an overbuilding of AA guns issue spotted by Das.
-Added a “nodrawnofocus.txt” file which is by default set to false, but can be set to true to see if we can tackle the crash with alt-tabbing / window minimizing.
-Reduced frame rate for intro cinematics.
-Improved AI production choices.
-Fixed the 4K+ first time automatic DPI 200% added with 1.06.07. It is working as intended now.

Changelist for v1.06.08
-Fixed an glitch that caused the Protectorate Stratagem difficulty to be way too high, and the Client Stratagem difficulty be too low. For a change (as it was really sloppy of me) with this patch this will be fixed for running games as well.
-Fixed a crash during turn processing and AI moving. It was related to AI Air Units HQs algorithms. This patch will fix things.
-Suitability rating no longer takes into account the Relation or any one-off bonuses created by Shadow Advisor/Spy

Changelist for v1.06.07

-Added protective code to try to prevent rare crash with minimizing the application crashing
-Forced the game application to use US culture-locale which will prevent some rare crashes with systems with exotic languages as notably Turkish
-First time some-one with 4K resolution or higher without having any DPI or resolution overrule applied runs this version or higher it will put DPI to 200%. This to not scare newcomers with too small fonts.

Gameplay and rules
-Added a flag to the Model Management Window to hide Obsolete Models
-Added a line of advise in Planet Overview in the HELP topic on Aircraft Engines.
-Amorphous Alien Fauna Feat mouse over improved to show that there is a chance the rule is in effect. *
-The Stats for Alien Fauna shown in the Popup are now the real values after direct impacting Fauna Feats have been taking into account. Much better this way. *
-Amorphous Alien Fauna Feat no longer used for Beginner games *
-Have reduced the base (before Fauna Feat) Hard Att/Def values for the Critters if they are relatively small (a 30 meter monster has enough kinetic force to not be impacted by this reduction) *
-Made some other fixes and adjustments as well to Alien Fauna Stat calcs, their offensive stats will be a bit higher than before and there will be much better correspondence between the auxiliary (o)ffensive and (d)efensive scores during Planet Generation and the final Critters on the map. *
-Some very minor adjustments to some GR equipment*

Changelist for v1.06.06
-Dismissing a candidate for a job bug fixed. It was corrupting the data of who leads a Faction.
-Fixed a bug in the script interpretation with negative values at start of formula (fixing an issue with sometimes diplomacy difficulty being too high)
-Made some speed improvement to script interpreting
-Maximum Size is now taken into account for Strategic Transfers using Air Bridges *
-Maximum Size calculation has been adapted to take into account the size of the Cargo Space instead of the Size of the Aircraft. sqrt(average Cargo space / 1000) = Maximum Size. *
-Also Size is now set for Militia forces *
-Increased Weight for Air Models (no repercussions at all just aesthetics... for now..) *
-Added possible Protests by the Population against perceived too high Income Tax, they will mostly trigger when you have high
Income Tax versus low Government Profile. But other problems will make the population sensitive to high Income Tax as well. -Upto 10% you should always be fine whatever happens. It is really meant as a counter balance to player raising Income Tax really high 40%,50%,60% without going all out on Government Profile. *
*=requires new game start with this version

Changelist for v1.06.05
-The levels of Alien Critters could still go up to far. Capped them at lower difficulty levels. Max level 3 Feats at Beginner, Max level 4 Feats at Regular.
-Made some adjustments to the difficulty levels for playing various Minor Diplomacy Stratagems. It has become quite a bit harder to make Peace by Stratagem with Minors now.
-Added code to prevent a rare crash when clicking on a Trooptype Illustration in the bottom for its detailed statistics popup
-Fixed some very imprecise mini map clicking as well as not centered minimap in the target subtab of the Stratagem Tab.

Changelist for v1.06.04 upload 2
-Made Alien Life a bit less dangerous (and less reproductive) on the lower difficulty settings, especially Beginner. On regular difficulty it will only be slightly easier. *
-Nudged a detailed combat rule quite a lot: Counter attacks diminish in strength after having done more than twice the number of attacks the individual can do.
-The Alien Critters max attacked variable was misconfigured. Has been fixed. Expect better results combatting them even for running games. *

Changelist for v1.06.04
-Fixed a graphics glitch in 2nd+ page of defenders in combat results.
-Added extra protective code to prevent the Stratagem crash (was due to Units being destroyed and invalidating the memory of previous unit selection numbering).
-Fixed a small bug with Advanced Sensors that was not being applied correctly.*
-Fixed the aircraft engine efficiency techs not being applied to higher engine counts.*

Changelist for v1.06.03
-Some typos fixed
-Fixed some alien critter graphics.
-Prevented a rare bug from forgetting to ensure player has water deposit close on some worlds
-Fixed a rare crash with Strategic Movement
-Fixed Militia Loss of Faith Stratagem
-Fixed some minor Air related SFX stuff
-Fine-tuned the cap on population emigration
-Reduced AI tendency to recruit rather too large independent units
-Shortened the helicopter movement sound
-Fixed a final number of faulty sized Alien Fauna graphics

Changelist to v1.06-beta2
-Fixed issue with battle calcs for Amorphous and Trapper Alien Fauna Feats, which were not triggering.
-Population migration from one Zone to another now logarithmically capped starting lightly from 2.5% of emigration source zone population and limiting it to an extreme maximum of 15% (before Exposure rules taken into account, because those could lead to much higher emigration).. This to avoid too sudden and too extreme shifts in Population between Zones.
-I am diminishing the effect of the reward value of salaries for Workers, Leaders and Soldiers based on income tax & sales tax settings. In short if you have high income tax (and to some degree high sales tax as well) there will be less incentive for the Population to work for those Credits. Quite a big nudge and fixes a lack of punishment of excessive high income tax rates.. (requires game restart if not started game with a recent v1.05-beta)
-Soldier salary effect is now compared with weighted pop and worker salaries instead of an average without taking their numbers into account. (requires game restart if not started game with a recent v1.05-beta)
-I increased the difficulty of raising Income Tax and capped it at a maximum (but still whopping) 80%. *

note: still planning to add some unrest zone events around high income taxation (but relatively low government profile) later on.

Changelist to v1.06-beta1b
-Added option in Prefs Tab (subtab called ‘game’) to switch on/off Slow AI moves during game
-Switched of some of the more fancy AI calculations if NOT using the slow AI
-Added some small general optimizations for AI Speed

Changelist to v1.06-beta1
-Fixed AI road spaghetti issues. The AI now cleans up a bit every 4 rounds. Don’t expect miracles, but the worst road nightmares will be fixed up. If you are running this beta in an existing game keep a sharp eye out if it is working as intended please.
-Added an “Easy Logistics” optional flag that doubles the Logistical Range and Points of your Assets. *
-XP spending on Skills is now much more varied and partly depending on the personality of the Leader *
-Payload optimization TECH now also has a positive impact on Bazooka firepower (and Armour Piercing Eff. already had) (and Manpad as well by the way!)*
-Recoded AI air production choices which was sticking with the original 1st version
-Fixed quality level settings for air for AI
-Helped AI with maximization of Items rules
-Fixed AI issue that caused it to not build SAM Launchers
-VTOL engines now has Turbojet Tech as a pre-req *
-You now need the Turbojet Tech for its 4 engine variant (oversight fixed) *
-Small 10% improvement to AI speed (every effort helps, right?)

Changelist to v1.05-beta20
-Fixed dogfight bonus in combat calculations
-Fixed an issue with in some cases a piece of vital front being void of frontline for the AI calcs. Caused weird retreats in some circumstances. No longer!
-Fixed initial Air Models with Tech Level 4 start, they’ll have a bit more range now*
-AI will now first go for developing a bomber aircraft before switching to fighter/recon helicopters or thopters
-Added Motorized AT OOB*
-Added Mech AT OOB*
-Added Motorized Flak OOB*
-Added Motorized Manpad OOB*
-Added Mechanized Manpad OOB*
-The AI was still building mixed heli/thopter/airplane Units, should be stopped for good now.
-Solved a nasty screw-up for the AI where it could run out of supply network due to huge Zones it can acquire
-Fixed a negative range issue with some helicopter configurations
-Did some long AI game tests (will do some more for day 1 patch)

Changelist to v1.05-beta19
-Spend a lot of time quality-assuring the formulas that make the Air Models to make sure they work as intended in the different air pressure & gravity combinations that are possible.

Changelist to v1.05-beta18
-Saying “negative!” to a non-viable design will now allow you to redesign it (with in yellow highlighted your previous choices)
-Adjusted maximum ground speed calculations by completely rewriting them and using a separate critical ground speed variable.
-Adjusted maximum range calculation to only to take a (now also smaller hit) if the atmosphere is in fact thicker than the gravity (added drag) to compensate for the much more efficient motors and lift in such an atmosphere.
-Engine Efficiency now has more impact on the force generated per fuel unit. It is also displayed now when you are making your design choices.
-Values in different Gravity/Air Pressure combinations seem reasonable now… But keep in mind that if Gravity > Air Pressure it is seriously limiting the range of Aircraft.
-Reworked the AI Flak Unit production and movement completely
-Flak is spread over Assets/Cities and Units according to a threat analysis
-The threat analysis can also impact the priority production of extra flak will get
-Flak units will now try to find an optimum between staying safe and also covering as many friendly units as possible.
-Gave the AI some slight troops production cost bonuses to help compensate for the added complexity with air and flak. But only getting pronounced on hard and higher.

Changelist to v1.05-beta17
-Fixed a always-crash during AI processing caused with beta16
-Nothing else, but I am halfway to reworking some AI Air and Flak placement algorithms

Changelist to v1.05-beta16
-Air Recon no longer starts with explosion
-When you now redesign an Aircraft Model (negative command at end) the previous choices you made will be indicated with a † symbol and highlighted in yellow to help you fine-tune your design.
-Adjusted the initial free model algorithms to even grant you initial air model (and unit) under difficult circumstances (like lower air pressure than gravity)
-Added an extra check to avoid UNCLEAR relation Minors to take Asset hexes from you
-Finetuned maximum distance in Air Model calculations better taking into account the double edged sword of air pressure… which one the hand makes the propeller/jet engines work better, but on the other hand gives more air resistance to movement. -Leading to often some higher fuel consumption rates as well, which is a good thing for balance.
-Finetuned very low air pressure effects on Air Model calculations.
-Included some linear/logarithmic maximizers for some extreme conditions for the Air Models.
-Decreased the Firepower vs Ground for the various weaponry, except rockets
-Though the speed of sound is lower in lower air pressure i am allowing for higher critical speeds when the air pressure gets really low since the effect of passing any sound barrier in like 100mbar atmosphere will be much less violent.
-Improved description for various Air Model Types also showing their equipment level maximums and minimum airbase level.

Changelist to v1.05-beta15b-2
-You only and exclusively need propellor tech now for ultralight model type discovery. This fixes something i broke in earlier beta. You’ll be able to discover air model types now with propellor tech researched. * (this requires a game restart however)

Changelist to v1.05-beta15b
-Fixed the game setup “use Air Forces” flag. If not flagged it is now really NOT used. Before it caused a corrupted game to start without this flag. Big thanks to Bulldog for spotting the elephant bug in the room.
-Fixed a crash I just introduced with beta15 when watching map generation during setup.
-Removed the hidden-for-player maximum range bonus of 25% on creation
-Maximized the maximum range of Aircraft to 40 Hexes using a semi-logarithmic decrease algorithm after a range of about 12 Hexes.

Changelist to v1.05-beta15
-Improved the maximum speed calculation for new Air Model designs. *
-Improved the critical speed limit to make some differentiation for aerodynamics <50. *
-Removed some upkeep skill checks for Air Units
-Fixed Air Skills which now depend on War Stat (instead of Cha Stat) *
-Fixed a typo with propeller in tech types *
-You can now also call your Air Force Research Council to change its research
-Added Tech PreReq is the mouseovers of the Techs in the Management Tech Window. Was about time right?
-Aliens with Burrower Faua Feat have better defense against air attack now *
-High Altitude Air Models have lowered Recon Points
-Fixed issue with Air research when both Councils present and still a left-over air tech research project with the Military Research Council (you can keep it now)
-For Management Air Models overviews I Moved Air Combat Mods for Round1,2 to the Popup to make space for showing the Horsepower:Weight Ratio and if the design is in theory hypersonic and aerodynamic rating.
-You can no longer initiate an Air Bridge to a target Hex with inadequate Airbase Level
-Air Bridges without adequate Airbase Levels will not execute anymore
-Stopped Air OHQ emptying out troops if they have been classed as Obsolete, swapping for better with SHQ is allowed.
-New Air OHQ will no longer use obsolete quality troops (otherwise it will disband directly after)
-Added on map Airbase symbols

Changelist to v1.05-beta14
-Fixed crash with Leader OHQ Skills inspection in Reports
-Fixed issue with too often only maritime alien fauna present with Planet Generation
-New Alien Fauna behaviour Feats and their impact in movements now implemented *
-New Alien Fauna reproduction implemented *
-This concludes the new functionality for the Alien Fauna (except for fixes of course)
-HV Guns Tech now available at Tech Level 4 start *
-No longer Solitary + Social combi for Alien Fauna *
-No longer allowing to assign Air OHQ to another OHQ
-Fixed a crash with Missing HQ subtab
-Fixed a setup problem (caused in earlier beta) for PBEM games where initial armies where always maxed out

Changelist to v1.05-beta13
-Added Alien Fauna subspecies introduced for more diversity *
-Added Fauna Feats for more diverse combat and interaction *
-Fixed some graphic format issues for some Alien Fauna (there are 100s so some glitches snook in)
(dev note: Still have to change behaviours for this Alien Fauna update, coming at the latest this weekend)
-In Raise Formation we have hidden Air Formations you do not yet have the Air Models for
-Can now develop your discover your first Air Model with something else than Propellor Engine (finding more advanced tech for example) *
-Added a visual green/red block and Airbase level for each aircraft subformation in a formation so you can quickly see if you have an issue.
-Fixed a crash related to Airbridge execution
-Airfield still in construction no longer enables that Airbase Level (next turn goes into effect)
-Blocked Decisions giving Unit Feats from triggering for Air Units
-No longer possible to Raise non-VTOL Aircraft Formations on Hexes with inadequate or no Airfield Level
-Fixed double log creation for Air Models for Model Design Log *
-Fixed issue with not allowing building Air Base in same Hex as Truck Station *
-AI got some improvements, but it also made it slower. So I added a flag that allows you to chose speed or better operational unit movement when setting up your planet *
-Fixed an issue with max ground speed that was sometimes to low and made it impossible to get a viable model designed (fixed for new models only)
-Fixed a crash due to faulty AI Air algorithm (round 30)
-Fixed missing SFX with some air attacks

Changelist to v1.05-beta12
-Fixed to low ammo usage in combat
-Increased ammo stockage with 50% for air units *
-Air Units should no longer get Unit Feats *
-Fixed an issue with Rocket Engine aircraft graphics (that were missing the frame graphic) *
-Once you have the Air Research Council present the Military Research Council will no longer try to Discover Air Techs (or allow you to research the discovered ones)
-Fixed spelling error with “ultalight” *
-Tech requirement for Heavy and Very Heavy Rocket Engines now enforced *
-Fixed bug in PBEM game with Godfather leaving and corrupting another leader stats
-Fixed a glitch in the effects on relations when shuffling budget
-Fixed spelling of propeller engine *
-Fixed a crash during turn processing related to Air Bridges

Changelist to v1.05-beta11
-Fixed some wrongly named graphic files for Alien Fauna *
-Fixed faulty description for Airbase Asset. *
-Tech Level 5 + Air Forces start now provides an initial Airbase Level 3. *
-Fixed calculation error with the attack values of aircraft designs versus ground targets (was too powerful) *
-Fixed a layout issue in Aircraft Design orders
-Fixed max ground speed preview during Aircraft Model Design
-Fixed the Air Force Research Council which was not working *
-Fixed a missing medium graphics for light aircraft model type *
-Fixed a big problem with Air and buying Replacement Troops (either at Unit or for SHQ).
-Fixed description for different Air Roles during Aircraft Model Design.

Changelist to v1.05-beta10
-Added Air Forces (Extra manual chapter PDF included) *
-Added much more varied Alien Fauna graphics *
-Some improvements made to the operational military AI
-Fixed SHQ not being charged of Items cost like Fuel when delivering Troops for new to be raised Formation
-Upon Declare War you lose Trade and Research deals and any embassy will close

Changelist to v1.05-beta9
-Fixed to-high costs for Upgrades (more than predicted by the interface)
-PBEM game setup will now not ensure all players have the same size of starting armies.
-Fixed a bug introduced with beta8 that was causing Zones to be Lost/Gained due to Strategic Transfer

Changelist to v1.05-beta8
-Fixed max armour description and choice for med and heavy tank *
-Fixed a militia with not enough troops glitch (in later game)
-Fixed a glitch in the Trooptype popup for the Qty of partially hidden enemy troops
-Fixed a crash with Rebel Decision (probably due to latest beta versions)

Changelist to v1.05-beta7b
-Fixed a newly caused crash with Model creation and inspection

Changelist to v1.05-beta7
-Fixed a crash during AI turn (due to combat modifier exceeding 30 different ones)
-Fixed some errors in the statistics in the Stats tab concerning Unit logistics ( I think.. i think. if the issue still persists please send a savegame to
-Fixed a glitch where you could not transfer
-Fixed a bug in the casualties inflicted statistics (stats tab)
-Fate and Artifact Stratagems now also playable on Secretary *
-Provocation and some others should display correct difficulty when targeting a human played regime now
-Methane Synthesis plant now needs water as well *

*=requires a game restart with this version (or higher) to go into effect

Changelist to v1.05-beta6b
-Fixed a crash with end turn

Changelist to v1.05-beta6 (upload 2)
-Fixed the graphicsAlt directory feature

Changelist to v1.05-beta6
-Behind the scenes code changes for future features, just testing nothing goes haywire with these being present. Just stating this to be complete in these change lists. Don’t expect any issues.
-Fixed an error with mass upgrade caused with 105-beta5
-Changing HQ of an OHQ causes -15% Readiness loss for all Units in the OHQ
-Changing HQ of an Independent Unit causes -30% Readiness loss.
-For modding: If the GraphicsAlt directory is present in the core directory (where .exe resides) and a graphic from the Graphics directory is also present in this GraphicsAlt directory it will be used instead of the original graphic. This allows using graphics mods without replacing artwork. Might need some more testing. Why? Mostly needed for future of SE.
-Fixed a glitch with resolution change (or PBEM game where players have different resolutions) with the title bar in the top-right moving to strange places.
-Vidcom artwork displayed at lower resolutions than HD is now scaled (unless it is used to render for example Stratagem Cards or Tech discoveries, etc..). Its nice for lower res users to see more of the graphical imagery.

Changelist to v1.05-beta5
-Fixed a bug with Resigning in 3+ PBEM game (added first in beta4b private build)
-Fixed mouse-over for re-assigning independent Unit from one OHQ to another.
-Fixed a glitch where an AI could research Techs in a Tech Group it had not mastered yet
-Fixed a bug that was caused with v1.05-beta2 that was blocking replacement troops from arriving in many circumstances
-Fixed a bug with ageing not always working as intended
-Permanently fixed the false “0% close combat” combat detail mention that I said I fixed earlier
-Fixed a glitch with the Training Stratagem and XP growth
-Fixed an issue with edge case logistical points (just enough) and a resulting troops upgrade glitch

Changelist to v1.05-beta4
-Fixed a crash during turn processing related to a Zone that lost its City, but that still exists.
-Fixed a small glitch in % of Raise Formation
-Fixed a loophole where you could upgrade/replace/scrap Militia Troops
-Fixed listbox glitch in Asset Management Tab not sorting Zones for SHQ selected.
-Fixed a faulty Logistical Preview when switching between Assets in Preview Mode.
-Fixed a glitch in the Transfer (SHQ > SHQ) Order
-Updated No Retreat Posture text *
-Removed Indep Quad MG Formation Type, as normal MG Formation Type can be used for it. *
-Adjusted 3 militia events for their Militia Profile change *
-Major that is out of game will no longer show up in the Regimes Reports.
-Fixed a loophole with making Zones tiny to funnel Rebel Unit placement (they might be outside Zone now as well)
-Fixed Arachnid weak attacks due to non-intended calibre Matrix effects *
-Reforming a missing OHQ now will set its SHQ to the one that is used by its remaining Units
-Irrespective of SHQ used (determined by Zone where you are reforming missing Unit/OHQ) you can restore any OHQ / Unit.
-You can now also reform a missing OHQ as a “blank” container.

Changelist to v1.05-beta3
-Fixed a faulty application of the negative effect of No Retreat Stratagem in the first combat round.
-Fixed a bug with direct load of game and the miniMap bugging out if you had not first looked at an Asset graphic
-Fixed a wrong cost being charged (compared to shown) for (Mass) Upgrade of Troops.
-Scientific Pact can no longer give you Techs that you do not have the pre-req for.
-Fixed the -15% Battlegroup attack penalty occurring in the wrong circumstances
-Fixed an issue where Seniority Points could drop below 0 for a Leader in the Reserve Pool, lowest points will now be 0.
-Fixed a Logistics glitch where the refocus count wasn’t always working as intended
-Fixed a Logistics glitch where after a number (of blocked or not) crossroads the Logistical Points would just stop advancing.
-When raising a missing Unit it is now also possible to raise it “blank” meaning without Troops inside it. This will allow the replacement troops to fill it up the next turn ( or allow you to manually buy replacement troops)
-Fixed a combat log issue (calcs where fine) with (very) close combat mentions
-Fixed a log issue with the governor skill % bonus (which was overstated in the log)
-Fixed a crash during AI move (surprise combat for AI)

Changelist to v1.05-beta2
-Units with more than 4 logistics items and a logistical warning label will have layout issue fixed now
-Diminished the social environment conditions effect for Eternity Cult
-Take my candidate decision should occur less often (though it occurs more often with low relation factions, this is intentional, as they want something back from you)
-The faction request to go to war with unaligned will not happen anymore
-Increased initial Food for each Army you start the game with
-Increased initial Farms if many Armies at start of game
-Increased initial Farms if high-tech level equips player with Biofuel Asset at start of game
-Logistical Extension production now visible in Asset Type Popup
-Fixed a crash in the history window
-Fixed number of Cult followers not decreasing when low % of followers and being persecuted
-Upgrade costs for equipment improved
-Fixed issue with SHQ Leader ending up in limbo when SHQ is disbanded
-Fixed issue with weird number with walkout decision with critical success roll
-Fixed abuse of SHQ Commander Trade Skill
-Fixed issue with Branching Rules not counting correctly (logistics)
-Fixed issue with 0 weight Items for Unit Supply costing Logistical Points.
-Replacement Troops will no longer be send to a Unit in a Hex where they’ll not be able to move out off

Notes for future manual corrections:
-When a single Asset is selected it will show its range not necc. As it will finally be deployed as other Assets might serve certain Pull Points first (before this Asset will serve Pull Points). Or in other words the preview range of a certain Asset is shown as if this would be the only Asset to serve all Pull Points.

Changelist to v1.05-beta1
-Fuel transfer bug when transferring GR Troops from SHQ to Battlegroup fixed
-Extra insurance added that AI Majors asleep (no units, no zones) get their relations with minors reset to peace.
-Fixed an issue where your Fate Pack could have less than 4 Stratagems (due to doubles already present), this will no longer happen.
-Factions that are open to the Non-aggression, Mutual Defense and Victory Pact in theory are Corporatists, Realpolitikers, Doctrinists and Humanists. (before this was not the case with Victory Pact) *
-Losing your secretary due to Defection will no longer leave his/her slot open and will now longer result in a -1 -1 statement, but a new secretary instead.
-Fixed a crash in a round 170 game related to a Leader Feat

*=requires new game start to be fixed

best wishes,

Vic -> RE: Open Beta Patch v1.01a-beta1 (6/6/2020 11:39:19 AM)


profanicus -> RE: Open Beta Patch v1.01a-beta1 (6/6/2020 12:02:06 PM)


-Increased speed for 200% DPI setting enormously

Thanks; can confirm this runs much nicer on 4K display now :)

zakblood -> RE: Open Beta Patch v1.01a-beta1 (6/6/2020 12:04:57 PM)

confirmed, works and installed and runs with no issues so far, ty

KingHalford -> RE: Open Beta Patch v1.01a-beta1 (6/6/2020 12:35:46 PM)

Looking good so far! AI turn resolution time seems to be improved.

Dan1911 -> RE: Open Beta Patch v1.01a-beta1 (6/6/2020 1:37:43 PM)

Hey vic!
Where do we report bugs now ?

Templer_12 -> RE: Open Beta Patch v1.01a-beta1 (6/6/2020 2:05:42 PM)

Ater Patch, launcher still says: 'Version 1.01.01'?

Vic -> RE: Open Beta Patch v1.01a-beta1 (6/6/2020 4:05:15 PM)

Bugs can be reported in the Tech Support forum.

And @Templer, this is an Open Beta, not an official Patch from publisher. So it doesn't communicate with the installer/upgrader.

Best wishes,

eddieballgame -> RE: Open Beta Patch v1.01a-beta1 (6/6/2020 5:41:36 PM)

I have had no, major, (& very few minor) issues with this gem.
I will try the patch, however, as the 'changelist' looks very good.

GodwinW -> RE: Open Beta Patch v1.01a-beta1 (6/6/2020 9:07:05 PM)


-Reduced the chance for a Decision to be communicated through Metrics by a factor of 10.

What does this mean? :p I've searched through the manual but didn't find anything about Metrics. I hope there's no chance to suddenly get reports in Fahrenheit and Yards :D

Edit nvm lol.. it's the metrics collected for improving the game.. lol!

Jorgas -> RE: Open Beta Patch v1.01a-beta1 (6/7/2020 3:24:16 AM)

I emailed you a crash on end turn from a game started on this beta. hope you can fix it soon.

Vic -> RE: Open Beta Patch v1.01a-beta1 (6/7/2020 12:19:53 PM)

bump. v101a-beta2 has been posted!

best wishes,

Novaliz -> RE: Open Beta Patch v1.01a-beta3 (last update 7 june!) (6/7/2020 6:38:16 PM)

I have downloaded Beta 3 but when installing I get the error message "untreated exception". My Win 10 runs in German, so I had to translate it. In German it says "Unbehandelte Ausnahme in der Anwendung". I am not able to install the beta3 but I want to because I have a 4k monitor and the 200 DPI mode runs like crap :/

aperfecturkel -> RE: Open Beta Patch v1.01a-beta3 (last update 7 june!) (6/7/2020 7:05:27 PM)

Hey Novaliz, this isn't an executable patch, so there's not an installer to run - I DO get an unhandled exception if I extract the ZIP to an empty folder and try to launch the .exe, so I'm assuming that's what was happening? Running the .EXE from that zip file is basically trying to launch the game without any of the game's other files.

Instead, just extract the ZIP directly into your C:\Matrix Games\Shadow Empire folder (or wherever you installed the game at first) and say Yes to overwriting all files. The new ShadowEmpire.exe will replace the old.

eddieballgame -> RE: Open Beta Patch v1.01a-beta3 (last update 7 june!) (6/7/2020 8:00:04 PM)

Update: No prior gaming issues before beta patches & same with beta #2.
Downloaded beta #3, just in case; though not using atm per my ongoing, extremely, fun struggle. :)

aperfecturkel -> RE: Open Beta Patch v1.01a-beta3 (last update 7 june!) (6/7/2020 8:08:04 PM)

The updates have been working well so far - and the lastplanetgenerated save-game is awesome! Thanks for that, now we can share our hellworlds [:)]

Jorgas -> RE: Open Beta Patch v1.01a-beta3 (last update 7 june!) (6/7/2020 8:24:06 PM)

Emailed you another crash on end turn beta 3

Novaliz -> RE: Open Beta Patch v1.01a-beta3 (last update 7 june!) (6/7/2020 9:46:37 PM)


ORIGINAL: aperfecturkel

Hey Novaliz, this isn't an executable patch, so there's not an installer to run - I DO get an unhandled exception if I extract the ZIP to an empty folder and try to launch the .exe, so I'm assuming that's what was happening? Running the .EXE from that zip file is basically trying to launch the game without any of the game's other files.

Instead, just extract the ZIP directly into your C:\Matrix Games\Shadow Empire folder (or wherever you installed the game at first) and say Yes to overwriting all files. The new ShadowEmpire.exe will replace the old.

Ah, stupid me! Thank you! :)

Novaliz -> RE: Open Beta Patch v1.01a-beta3 (last update 7 june!) (6/7/2020 10:05:33 PM)

Would it be possible to implement scrolling the map when holding the middle mouse button? Maybe you can put this on your feature request list :)

aperfecturkel -> RE: Open Beta Patch v1.01a-beta3 (last update 7 june!) (6/7/2020 10:53:47 PM)

I would LOVE that too.

Also wanted to mention that the 2x fix slowdown fix seems to work great! But the other scaling options are still sluggish - is it possible for whatever you were able to do for the 2x size UI can be done for the 1.5x and 1.25x too?

jimwinsor -> RE: Open Beta Patch v1.01a-beta3 (last update 7 june!) (6/8/2020 6:31:29 AM)

I found a possible problem with Local Referendum. The card says it is the Governor's Oratory, but the card is actually in all cases executed by the Secretary:


Vic -> RE: Open Beta Patch v1.01a-beta4 (last update 8 june!) (6/8/2020 7:15:25 AM)

bump. some more fixes made. thanks to all the people who send in reports about issues.

also.. as you can see i am first focussing on the most severe issues encountered before addressing for example interface or control improvements. but as time goes by i'll get there.

Vic -> RE: Open Beta Patch v1.01a-beta3 (last update 7 june!) (6/8/2020 7:16:43 AM)


ORIGINAL: jimwinsor

I found a possible problem with Local Referendum. The card says it is the Governor's Oratory, but the card is actually in all cases executed by the Secretary:


Its you (well your secretary) who forces the local referendum. The governor is more or less the victim here. He'll roll the dice to try to keep his office.

But i can see that ROLL mention is confusing, it seems like the secretary has to make that roll. There is a little * to indicate it is the target making the roll, but i will see if i can make that a bit clearer.

jimwinsor -> RE: Open Beta Patch v1.01a-beta3 (last update 7 june!) (6/8/2020 3:06:49 PM)

I forgot to mention this, though: I had 3 governors at the time, each with different Oratory, but the roll was always d100 + 4.

aperfecturkel -> RE: Open Beta Patch v1.01a-beta4 (last update 8 june!) (6/8/2020 3:57:22 PM)



bump. some more fixes made. thanks to all the people who send in reports about issues.

also.. as you can see i am first focussing on the most severe issues encountered before addressing for example interface or control improvements. but as time goes by i'll get there.

This is why you're the man, thanks Vic

Vic -> RE: Open Beta Patch v1.02-beta1 (last update 9 june!) (6/9/2020 7:44:31 PM)

bump! couldn't wait and already posted the first beta patch for v1.02. Keep in mind the official v1.02 patch comes out tommorow. If you already copied the v1.02-beta1 files you'll have to copy them again after your official patch. But I don't like to wait with posting patches, hence...

Clux -> RE: Open Beta Patch v1.02-beta1 (last update 9 june!) (6/9/2020 8:20:36 PM)



bump! couldn't wait and already posted the first beta patch for v1.02. Keep in mind the official v1.02 patch comes out tommorow. If you already copied the v1.02-beta1 files you'll have to copy them again after your official patch. But I don't like to wait with posting patches, hence...

Thank you! the glitch of replacements was gamebreaking for me :( and now I can keep playing the rest of the day (Im from NA) [:D]

GodwinW -> RE: Open Beta Patch v1.02-beta1 (last update 9 june!) (6/9/2020 10:08:53 PM)

Thank you for supporting this game!


-Increased the cost of the Ancient Archive Fate Stratagem from 2 FP to 4 FP *
-Ancient Archive and other random Tech picks are now limited to Tech Groups you have access too. I am sorry some people liked this, but it was really more overpowered than intended.

Purely based on reading this, I feel like this is a double nerf that seems like overkill.
Why? Because I never knew it could give techs outside what you had access to, and I didn't play them much (twice ever I think). I see them as potentially nice, but not that nice. So why both the doubling of FP and limiting it to a tech you have access to?

Novaliz -> RE: Open Beta Patch v1.02-beta1 (last update 9 june!) (6/9/2020 10:43:25 PM)

I have noticed a sound delay whit the newest patch. When yo move a unit for example the sound plays a little bit later. Anyone else?

aperfecturkel -> RE: Open Beta Patch v1.02-beta1 (last update 9 june!) (6/10/2020 12:43:22 AM)



Thank you for supporting this game!


-Increased the cost of the Ancient Archive Fate Stratagem from 2 FP to 4 FP *
-Ancient Archive and other random Tech picks are now limited to Tech Groups you have access too. I am sorry some people liked this, but it was really more overpowered than intended.

Purely based on reading this, I feel like this is a double nerf that seems like overkill.
Why? Because I never knew it could give techs outside what you had access to, and I didn't play them much (twice ever I think). I see them as potentially nice, but not that nice. So why both the doubling of FP and limiting it to a tech you have access to?

You know, I definitely liked it before, but I do understand - would it perhaps be a worthy compromise if it had the potential to reveal technologies from any tech group you already have access to and techs from adjacent groups? We don't have to have the WHOLE tree ripe for the picking, but a moderate leap forward seems like a fun possible reward without being crazy, and feels thematically appropriate to the whole "delving ruins for relics of a technological golden age" vibe. [:)]

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