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Banquet -> Mac OS? (6/4/2020 3:06:13 PM)

Big fan of these devs. I think I know the answer (as it was the same for the previous games) but any chance of this coming out on MAC?

If not, anyone know if it runs under WINE or crossover?


Vic -> RE: Mac OS? (6/4/2020 3:23:52 PM)

No plans for MAC release, sorry man.

I advise to wait until a PC customer (who also owns Mac) can try it out with said emulators.

I know my previous seemed to have run well like that, but this one has switched to 64 bit so that might make if different (or not).

Best wishes,

Banquet -> RE: Mac OS? (6/4/2020 3:25:59 PM)

Thanks Vic. I do. have a PC and although I don't buy games for it anymore I'll probably make an exception in this case. I got so many hours of fun out of Advanced Tactics and this looks like that on steroids!

mllange -> RE: Mac OS? (6/4/2020 5:25:50 PM)

Working fine for me on a 2013 MacBook Pro using Parallels.

Franciscus -> RE: Mac OS? (6/4/2020 9:56:09 PM)

No luck with Crossover (WINE), because this (and the other Vic games) need gdi+, which sadly can no longer be installed in a crossover bottle...

Will try with Parallels, there it should work fine

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