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BrianG -> RE: new beta 05 russian tank corp fuel (6/19/2020 5:30:13 PM)

latest mp of tanks update.

turn 62 open

trucks 223K, need 91K

I may have to go all infantry, and hope the cav corp never convert to motorized.


Bozo_the_Clown -> RE: new beta 05 russian tank corp fuel (6/20/2020 11:46:27 PM)

This is very strange. In one of my games I am also past turn 60 but my Tank Corps usually get between 30 and 48 MP. I don't think any of them have ever been below 30. I will post a screenshot once I get my turn back.

Bozo_the_Clown -> RE: new beta 05 russian tank corp fuel (6/21/2020 1:48:51 PM)

Here is the screenshot. Beginning of turn 65.


chaos45 -> RE: new beta 05 russian tank corp fuel (6/21/2020 5:19:42 PM)

The Soviets also received rail engines and cars via lend lease historically. As they basically stopped building them to concentrate on tanks/artillery and other war material. In all reality this probably just maintain the soviet rail net, and Im not sure it would rate giving the soviets more in total rail the new equipment would just be replacing used up and destroyed equipment since they weren't really building anymore themselves.

Is a lot of fiction about how great the soviet war economy was.

They built a lot of tanks, artillery, and aircraft because that's what all their remaining heavy industry basically converted to.

Lend Lease was huge assistance to the Soviet union when it comes to their logistical and transportation requirements....not to mention even food for their people and Army. Even aviation fuel/higher grade fuel was from lend lease.

The game probably needs a Germany victory condition that is reached if all of European/most of European Russia is taken oven. As the economy of the Soviet Union would have collapsed.

or maybe extra VPs for the Germans for holding certain positions until they get an auto win. The not one step back order for Stalingrad was because Stalin realized they couldn't afford to lose anymore ground due to the economic situation in the country. They needed all the remaining natural resources to just continue the war even with lend lease.

eskuche -> RE: new beta 05 russian tank corp fuel (6/21/2020 5:27:07 PM)

Victory conditions might be useful, but as we see in this game, conquering that much de facto makes a Russian win ten times harder just by simple game mechanics.

HardLuckYetAgain -> RE: new beta 05 russian tank corp fuel (6/22/2020 2:06:43 AM)

Curious if the MP problem could have come from loading and saving mismatched version numbers.

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