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rbsj -> [Feature Request] Request to Developers and a Bug! (6/2/2020 9:03:03 PM)

Dear Developers and members of the community,

First of all let me thank to the Developers and to all the team for the awesome work you have done with this simulator since the beggining. You are doing a fantastic job and this project and you are amazing.

I started by playing CMANO and I bought CMO immediately.

The game is going better and better, it would be impossible to imagine how was CMANO in the beggining and how is now.

I'm more of a lurker here in the foruns.

I decided to write to thank you and to make a Petit Request.


I like much others love to make our own scenarios and edit (for what is possible) plataforms, more properly, naval plataforms.

Something that could be awesome and I hope not be a overload of work is to give units [FACILITIES and PROPERTIES] as we give units COMMS.

For instance something important to me is using the replenish and refuel a lot to simulate the importance of logistics. But most of the times the Units I want cannot be replenish because it lacks that property. That could be done in the file as we give comms to a unit. For instance give the property REFUEL FROM STARBOARD.

Other thing would be give ships facilities like an Hangar for 2 Medium Aircraft or a Pad. There were some nice ideas during the 80's and 90's of transforming some Destroyers in DDH (Helicopter Destroyer), differently from what is now done by the Japanese Izumo LOL. So if we could simple add a facility like we add a COMM to a unit that could be good.

What could give a little more work is to give aircraft properties like Fly-by-wire or Head Mounted Display. But that would be awesome.


The French FTI Belharra is consuming 10x more fuel than is supposed giving to the Frigate only 350nm in range in cruise speed. If you check the values in the BD you will see that and if you move the Frigate you also see that.

Grateful for all of your work

Rory Noonan -> RE: Request to Developers and a Bug! (6/9/2020 3:55:57 AM)

Thanks for this and welcome to the forum.

I've moved your request to the requests thread and the DB issue to the DB update thread.

There's some useful info here to get any future issues/requests dealt with more quickly and efficiently.

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