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FOARP -> How are desert mountains implemented in-game? (5/31/2020 8:28:28 PM)

I'm trying to work out how to put mountains in the desert in my mod. Looking at the base-game map I see it is possible to have mountains that are shaded differently to the standard light colour. For example in Turkey you can see bare-topped mountains that are both light in colour and darker. Opening the 1914 Call To Arms scenario in the editor I can see that the same terrain-type is used for both mountains - for example (211,112) uses terrain-type 230, whilst (215,109) is also terrain-type 230, but they are clearly differently coloured and one looks more "desert" than the other.

How is this different colouring achieved?

BillRunacre -> RE: How are desert mountains implemented in-game? (6/1/2020 10:41:46 AM)


This is achieved by setting the Weather Zones for the relevant area, so that one will be temperate and the other arid, and that changes the display! [:)]

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