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Figeac -> [Resolved] Odd ship/submarine behavior (5/30/2020 5:10:46 AM)


I think I have encountered an odd situation. An allied ship has just found a subsurface contact with its sonars. It goes to the contact position and try to classify it, but I think that the sub (which must not have "avoid contact" doctrine) is trying to do the same with the ship contact he has just found. The result is that both units now keep endlessly cyrcling around each other, trying to reach each other's position.

Maybe a possible fix would be to set the AI to not go straight to the contact position to classify it, but somewhere nearby? Or after trying to classify a contact for some time without having success, just quit and go back to course?

Savegame attached. Thanks.

Rory Noonan -> RE: [Logged] Odd ship/submarine behavior (6/9/2020 3:48:35 AM)

Logged for investigation.


Steve McClaire -> RE: [Logged] Odd ship/submarine behavior (9/8/2020 3:40:02 PM)

Hi Figeac -- we've reviewed the save game and the behavior is expected. In this case it is a combination of the US DD trying to prosecute a sonar contact while the USSR sub is engaged offensive with the same DD but can't actually fire since they're only 'unfriendly.'

The spinning is something that might be visually improved in future versions but the basic behavior is two adversarial vessels aggressively squaring off with one another -- the sort of thing that caused collision incidents during the cold war.

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