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mmacguinness -> Unit Set Up (5/29/2020 8:54:12 AM)

When a user generated scenario is first loaded, the units are generally placed and mixed up in a jumbled mess along the forward line of the set up area.
Then the units need to be moved out of the way and sorted before starting to position them for the scenario. This can take a lot of time for larger scenarios.

Would it be practical to have the game lay out the units in a more organised manner at the start?

For example, first segregate Infantry, Mech Inf, Armor and Support. Them put them in the rear of the player area, with units of the same type, e.g. Inf Platoons, arranged in lines or clusters or rows from the rear forward.


Veitikka -> RE: Unit Set Up (5/30/2020 2:14:15 AM)

One issue is that the map can be too small if there many units, and there can be large areas where units cannot be placed (water, mountains...), so implementing a good algorithm for it can be a bit tricky, but certainly possible.

zacklaws -> RE: Unit Set Up (5/30/2020 7:11:38 AM)

If I recall, I suggested a long time ago a similar method to what "Tacops 4" uses and that is to have all units placed and lined up in order on a deployment tray which floats over the map and can be moved around over the map to where you want it and units are then just dragged and dropped into position. Once everything is positioned, the deployment tray could be removed.

mmacguinness -> RE: Unit Set Up (5/30/2020 7:47:08 AM)

On small maps it really isn't a problem because there are also relatively few units. I only used a smaller map because it works just as well to illustrate my suggestion.
I have revised my example as follows:

1. Created zones for Infantry, Mech. Inf, Armor and Support.
2. In each, starting at the top rear, units of a particular type are inserted in line vertically.
3. New unit types start a new vertical line
4. Vehicles are put in oper areas if available in preference to urban.
5. It is a smaller map, so I minimised unit spacing

Simply segregating the Infantry, Mech. Inf, Armor and Support without further organisation would help a lot.

Zacklaws: Yes. The Tacops deployment tray worked very well. Very versatile, I often used it to create or break up platoons and sections and reorganize passenger loads, particularly for helicopters. Can't do any of that in AB


nikolas93TS -> RE: Unit Set Up (5/31/2020 1:32:47 AM)

Neat idea.

Although, I was thinking that AI could sort-our player units, just the way it does for himself. Not a perfect solution, but might be better than current cluster. I guess it can speed up the set-up process if player is in hurry.

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