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KingHalford -> eXplorminate Let's Play of Shadow Empire continues (5/29/2020 12:38:18 AM)

Hey folks,

I've continued the Lava Planet series I started. There was a break in the recording initially because of a very temporary bug that prevented me continuing, Vic fixed that very quickly but afterwards I wasn't sure if the game had changed too much that it would still be relevant.

However, several people have asked me to carry on with it, and it turns out that the latest version changes haven't altered the game too drastically! I'm actually really enjoying that playthrough so I decided to carry on.

Since DasTactic has done an excellent and rather comprehensive tutorial series I've started playing the game much faster since I don't feel the need to explain everything in great detail any more, so anybody who was just watching because they were enjoying the series (rather than just checking out what the game was about) might find it flows quicker now.

Hopefully people aren't too tired of the Let's Plays just a week before release, when everybody can get their hands on it finally!


Malevolence -> RE: eXplorminate Let's Play of Shadow Empire continues (5/29/2020 1:21:09 AM)

I liked your videos overall. Best of luck!

There is a difference between describing what you're doing and why versus how you're doing it. The former describes your plans and intensions, the latter devolves into reading what's already presented on the screen.

Others may disagree with me. I enjoy discovering and analyzing the game myself and don't watch tutorials or how-to videos. For me, they spoil the "ah-ha!'" moments.

KingHalford -> RE: eXplorminate Let's Play of Shadow Empire continues (5/29/2020 2:08:52 AM)

Thank you, that's very kind!

I'm focusing on the former case (explaining my plans and intentions) rather than the latter now :)

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