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GloriousRuse -> Discord (5/25/2020 8:11:46 PM)

While I found my opponent via PM, after completing the games he pointed me to folks who identified there is in fact another place to find opponents. In the interest of facilitating matchmaking:


kentkroeckel -> RE: Discord (6/15/2020 5:14:31 PM)

Hello from Colorado USA. The only way I know how to find a "War in the West" opponent is to use (multi player) button in game setup. With the latest edition 2.56 I find that the Germans cannot be beat. Draw seems to be the best. I send the Luftwaffe East except for all types of fighters. I also send many corps and army HQ; XXXXX cannot be sent. This builds up many extra points. East Front delayed by 15-30 hexes. Of course game ends in August if full delay is in effect. All brigades from East go to Italy. Every hex is a fight. Every port is fortified. All air units are reduced to 1% so that all can be used until spent. No old planes do I leave. This air strategy is done regardless of which side I play. All planes are used 7 days a week. I modestly say that I have not been defeated. I am talking about (victory points). I have run into players who do not concern themselves about VP so distorters the game. are you or do you know of anyone who can defeat this system. To be clear, the strategy itself is superior, not I. I will now create multi-player game for a worthy opponent.

EddyBear81 -> RE: Discord (6/17/2020 7:58:05 AM)

Just do not play with EF Box ON. Once you figure it out, it gives the Germans an unfair advantage.

kentkroeckel -> RE: Discord (7/7/2020 2:10:44 AM)

Hello from Kent in Colorado USA. EddyBear81 is correct when saying that "Eastern Front" on does give Germany a large advantage to one who knows how to extract every extra point out of it. I don't believe there is a way to beat an Axis player who sends all but fighters East along with extra HQs. Many divisions and of course brigades can be sent to Italy. Allies have to be aggressive with continual invasions to try to make it close to a draw. Even with that Allies will loose. New version .59 will do little to help with that, from what I have read on it. Is there a way to overcome the imbalance?

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