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Harrybanana -> Effectiveness Recovery (5/25/2020 7:13:12 AM)

Is it just me or are units recovering effectiveness a lot less slowly, if at all, in 1.07? I am playing both sides in a hot seat game. Last turn (early January 1940) I ended my turn with a German armor with 75% effectiveness in a level 9 supply hex with an HQ within 5 hexes. It was not adjacent to an enemy and the weather was light rain (not that I think those matter). It had not attacked in its turn and was not attacked in anyway in the Allied turn. At the start of my next turn it's effectiveness had dropped to 74%. The weather was snow, so by my calculation it's effectiveness should have gone up by 18% (or perhaps more on account of the logistics bonus) not down by 1%. I am seeing similar things with all units, both Axis and Allied.

Harrybanana -> RE: Effectiveness Recovery (5/25/2020 4:02:16 PM)

Here is another example. The displayed unit has been sitting on this rail line since the fall of Poland 4 months ago, but it's Effectiveness is still only 86%. If this is only happening to me I will assume that my files got corrupted somehow and start over. But if anyone else has noticed this it would be good to know. The 4 divisions near it also have effectiveness in the mid 80s.


AlvaroSousa -> RE: Effectiveness Recovery (5/25/2020 4:11:06 PM)

There is a penalty in snow -10 and in blizzard -20.

Page 58 1.00.07 manual.

Harrybanana -> RE: Effectiveness Recovery (5/25/2020 7:15:09 PM)


ORIGINAL: Alvaro Sousa

There is a penalty in snow -10 and in blizzard -20.

Page 58 1.00.07 manual.

Yes, I realize that. So by my calculation a unit in level 9 supply within 5 hexes of an HQ in snow should recover 6% (base) + 18% (Supply level X 2%) + 4% (HQ bonus) - 10% (snow) = 18%. On top of this I assume that as German Logistics has nowhere near maxed out there should be a further bonus increase. An 18% increase would have put the German armor at 93% not 74%. Same with my infantry corps that should be at 100% after sitting in 9 supply for 8 turns or so.

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Effectiveness Recovery (5/25/2020 9:04:09 PM)

The calculation is relative to what is remaining not static. Units with lower effectiveness recovery faster than ones with higher effectiveness.

In the Winter EVERYONE except Finland and the USSR will suffer badly and recover slower.

Trust me I have answered this question many times.

Harrybanana -> RE: Effectiveness Recovery (5/26/2020 12:55:19 AM)

Alvaro, sorry to continue to pester you, but I never read those former posts and I really would like to know how combat effectiveness recovery works.

I think that the calculation for recovery may be that you:

1. Multiply the difference between 100 and the current effectiveness by (6% + the Supply Level modifier + the HQ modifier).
2. You add the number resulting from 1 above to the units current effectiveness.
3. You then add the Logistics Bonus.
4. You then subtract the snow or blizzard modifier.

So using my unit with 75% Effectiveness as an example:
1. 100 -75 =25. 25 X (6% + 18% + 4%) = 25 X 28% = 7.
2. 75 + 7 = 82
3. 82 + 2 = 84
4. 84 - 10 = 74

Is this right? If so I will leave you in peace. If not can you steer me to those other posts.

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Effectiveness Recovery (5/26/2020 2:48:41 AM)

Looks like it is correct.

Harrybanana -> RE: Effectiveness Recovery (5/26/2020 5:09:23 AM)

Thank you.

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