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Firebri -> Buyig the Manual (5/22/2020 4:25:22 PM)

Is the manual available to buy on its own ?

It has just been shown, on a YouTube video. I can see it's hard back, and it looks good quality.

I have the digital version, and it's going to take a lot of ink to print it off [:D]

sgoconnor -> RE: Buyig the Manual (6/11/2020 1:52:37 PM)

I'd be interested in this too, if it's an option. The manual is very well written and informative. Having a hard copy would be great.

boldairade -> RE: Buyig the Manual (8/20/2020 7:59:14 PM)

is there any way to get this manual if we bought on steam?

i've been looking and found a few links, but they are all dead links.

PaulAllen1982 -> RE: Buyig the Manual (5/13/2021 6:39:05 AM)

Agreed, the manual for this is very well written.
I've ended up ordering the physical edition just so I can have the hardback version of it.

It's been a while since I've played a game where it's worth sitting back, relaxing and reading the manual for a while to get a better understanding of the game.

governato -> RE: Buyig the Manual (5/14/2021 5:03:08 PM)

I have a copy I do not need..PM me?

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