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Harrybanana -> RE: Soviet Rifle Corps (6/20/2020 4:04:54 PM)


ORIGINAL: Flaviusx

I beef up the mech forces over the winter of 1941. I think during Barbarossa it is more cost effective to have lots and lots and lots of infantry.

My pre Barbarossa build order does allow for about a dozen tank/mech corps. The disbanded mech corps are reformed as 35% experience units. This results in fewer of them, but they are twice as strong. With 2 tech advances, they end up being 8 point units and can hold the line. The Soviets start with 3 armor corps at 30% and these I judge to be reasonably effective and don't disband those.

In 1941 given the low mobility of these units, they can do very little more than hold the line and perhaps occasionally counterattack. I like to put them in places like the Smolensk corridor to cover the clear terrain. That's a good choke point for them.

20% experience mech corps are junk and as a German player I make it a point to chase those down and kill them outright if they appear on the front line -- they are not going to survive to get the experience. This is much harder to do when they are at 35%.

I'd much rather harvest the production from those trash mech corps and reform them into more effective units, even if there are fewer of them.

You really don't need more than about 15 mobile corps as the Soviets anyways. More than that is nice, but not essential. What *is* essential is infantry and lots of it. A huge mass of pre war rifle corps can cover the front and buy time for the rifle armies to show up, and also make use of Soviet manpower and helps avoid manpower problems down the line. Manpower constraints will cripple the Red Army, and the game mechanics are such that either you use this prewar manpower or lose it, it doesn't stack past the cap. So the rifle corps hold extra manpower as buckets.

I've put a lot of thought into this, believe me. Getting the Red Army right is the hardest thing to do in this game. The other powers are much simpler to manage. I have satisfactory build orders for the rest of them, but Red Army has always given me problems until these rifle corps got fixed up.

Flavius, I would like to pick your brain some more if I may. With the 20% infantry corps do you turn repair/upgrade off so that production isn't wasted on doomed/rather useless units, or do you feel that they need to be upgraded to be of any use at all? Also do you remobilize them prior to Barbarossa, or leave them to die in place as garrsions.

Flaviusx -> RE: Soviet Rifle Corps (6/20/2020 9:41:39 PM)

I don't bother upgrading the trash rifle corps. They are used as sacrificial units. It is just not worth the expense to tech them up. Nor do I channel replacements towards them when the war breaks out. They aren't going to get away, and are on garrison mode. They will do their duty for the Rodina, and dasvidaniya.

Possible exceptions: the trash corps that are guarding harbors. But even those are bottom priority for upgrades.

Harrybanana -> RE: Soviet Rifle Corps (8/11/2020 3:52:55 PM)

As I have posted in the tech forum I think this is broken (at least it is for me and my opponent).

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Soviet Rifle Corps (8/11/2020 6:39:34 PM)

The 1939 and 1940 scenarios are correct. I checked them myself. 3-2-2 Soviet Large Rifle Corps.

Load the 1939 in the scenario and you can see it for yourself.

Harrybanana -> RE: Soviet Rifle Corps (8/11/2020 7:09:42 PM)

I did and it did not work. My large corps were reduced to 1 gun after Barbarossa. I checked my script and it was wrong, so I fixed my script and now it does work. The thing is I am not sure how my script got corrupted in the first place and I have no idea how many people other than myself this has affected. Again, I think everyone should run the test I indicated in the tech forum and check their script. Hopefully it is only very few of us that are affected.

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Soviet Rifle Corps (8/11/2020 8:25:05 PM)

That is weird because the updater should override those files.

battlevonwar -> RE: Soviet Rifle Corps (8/12/2020 5:32:43 AM)

Please lets not intentionally buff the Soviets any further, she is more than able to defend herself in the right hands! [&o]

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Soviet Rifle Corps (8/12/2020 2:05:17 PM)

I ran tests and the scenarios are correct.

You sure you didn't dump the new files in the wrong spot?

Harrybanana -> RE: Soviet Rifle Corps (8/12/2020 7:20:51 PM)

Generally speaking I don't dump files anywhere and I don't use the betas. I just update the game to the next version using the update button on the opening game menu. However, in this particular case back in May or June I did follow the instructions to modify my script to correct the bug that caused Russian large corps to revert to only 1 gun after DOW. After making this script change I believe they were working fine. Since then I have updated the game using the update button. The most recent update was to 1.00.073 in July. I did not make any changes since this update. But it was after this update that I noticed that the bug has resurfaced. But it only seems to be happening to a few of us.

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Soviet Rifle Corps (8/12/2020 7:44:37 PM)

That is odd.

They change was in 1.00.07

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