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Cadillac -> Amphibious Tutorial (5/21/2020 9:17:21 PM)

I'm reasonably sure that this is ready to go, but I thought I'd drop it here for any feedback.

This is an Amphibious Assault Tutorial with the basic steps outlined in timed events.

I'd love any feedback for improvement. I put this together to get back into scenarios and thought it might come in handy for anyone getting into Amphibious Operations.



Cadillac -> RE: Amphibious Tutorial (5/22/2020 3:24:16 PM)

I thought it might be useful to include the Description and Side briefing:

This Scenario is a Tutorial on the Basics of Amphibious Operations.

The goal of the scenario is to give the player an understanding of how to successfully conduct an amphibious assault using Air Sea and Ground units in a combined arms exercise. Players will be shown how to ready assault units, how to provide a pre-emptive air assault on Objectives, how to load cargo and troops, and how to execute ship to shore transport and to secure objectives.

In addition to the Amphibious operations, there is also a Surface target hull for anti-surface warfare, as well as four target drones to test air defenses.

Scoring for this scenario will take into account the destruction of available targets, as well as the capture of ground objectives.

Side Briefing:
In this exercise you will be conducting an amphibious assault on the South Edge of Corpus Christi Bay.

Your Objectives are:
1. Neutralize Defensive Units in the three Target Zones.
2. Establish a Beach Head on South Mustang Island, and North Padre Island.
3. Capture the Airfield at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi
4. Capture Waldron Airfield
5. Conduct a SINKEX vs. Target Hull East of the Land Objectives.
6. Destroy Target Drones with SAMs

Additional Details will be provided during the operation.

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