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AUBGeek87 -> Custom Battle is useless (5/19/2020 5:57:06 AM)

The way it stands now Custom Battle is a useless function. I just want to be able to set up a battle where both sides get lots of tanks and other units and just go at it, until one side is completely off the map. But the battle usually ends in a few minutes. And that's it, there's no re-grouping, no picking different units, none of the good stuff that this game already has, it's just over and you're back in the main screen. I just don't understand why is it so hard to make the Custom Battle work in the same principle as operation battles, this function already exists literally in the same game. What's the point of the editor as well then? You create a map, then make a custom battle on this map and the thing is just over in a few minutes [&:][&:][&:] I'm just tired of playing the same operations with the same units over and over. Maybe somebody could enlighten me.

ineffable -> RE: Custom Battle is useless (5/19/2020 2:00:41 PM)

Sounds like you're looking to create Custom Operations.

AUBGeek87 -> RE: Custom Battle is useless (5/19/2020 5:50:29 PM)

Brother, believe me I gave it my best shot. Followed the instructions and everything, but the game just stopped launching altogether. Had to completely reinstall it. I just don't get why is it not a built-in function already.

ineffable -> RE: Custom Battle is useless (5/19/2020 10:00:52 PM)

In a way it is. Save mid-game and that Save file is playable for several battles. Caveat is the AI wont reinforce its depleted force.

Agreed, that battle-as-operation game function is almost baked already.

Markowicz -> RE: Custom Battle is useless (11/7/2020 6:10:57 PM)

I've been creating and playing custom battles lately after I had eye surgery and am sitting home half blind. You're right in that there's limited choices. Why is it that I can't pick 3 of the same support unit i.e. 3 Sherman M1A1 (76)s if you want to. Also you can choose less units for yourself to have small map game but can't limit the units on the opponents side. I'd like to have the choice of how many units especially on those TINY maps. I like the battle maker setup from CC3/COI.

Then again, this game was designed for you to play the Grand Campaign as the Americans and when you finish that, you're supposed to buy a new game from Matrix, right?

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