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rrweeks -> Apology to Board for Taking Your Time (5/18/2020 7:32:15 PM)

So I've been playing SC for years and years, and a player tracked me down who had bought SC Global Conflict on Steam, and it revived my interest in the game, have re-enjoyed it for several months now. But other than the one guy I'm playing the Steam SCG board is dead, so thought I'd see what Matrix had to offer...and they also sold SCG so I bought it, and that's what got me confused as I couldn't get the PBEM ++ to show. Then it FINALLY dawned on me that SC World at War was a completely different platform. So I bought that this past weekend and PBEM ++ finally showed...and worked! But I thought I was getting a clone of SCG. Long story short as I do tend to ramble, I find the map for W at W too BIG and cumbersome. It's the same feeling I had when I tried out SC Assault on Democracy, which was even bigger than this map. Anyway, SC W at W must be 3 times the size of Global, I dread to think what the game develops into around Barbarossa and later. I'm probably in the minority wanting a smaller game map and simpler mechanics, as Grognards always want it bigger and with more units and more complexity. But that's what I like about SC Global, I find it's scale ideal.
I would like to invite anyone here to join Steam and we could slug-it-out on SCG Global. It's only $30. Conceptually it's the same as W at W and actually birthed it, as it's also made by Hubert Cater, except it's smaller. And he supports it over there. The other thing Steam has, which Matrix might, I'm not sure, is no chance for replays. So on Steam players encounter surprise contact, frustrating 1 combat results, and research droughts. That used to be a real issue in the SC community years ago back in the day. One final thing, I contacted Hamburger meat and resigned my game, but there's another guy who accepted my challenge but who doesn't seem to post on the board and I can't seem to figure out how to contact him. So other guy, I won't be returning any more turns. The French surrender even before their invaded!

Again, thanks for your time...and I'd love to see you on Steam. Bob, aka rrweeks

amandkm -> RE: Apology to Board for Taking Your Time (5/18/2020 8:05:35 PM)

Yeah, I think that's me you're talking to. Pity, I was hoping for a game, but if you're not enjoying it, there's no sense in pushing forward. Hope you find what you're looking for.

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