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Hellen_slith -> American Front 1914: Hellen (US) v Elmer PO (Entente) (5/16/2020 1:55:39 PM)

I came across this American Front mod for PO by Sylvanski etc. and I just had to give it a look.

The zip file from the mods / scenario forum contains TWO .sce files, on for computer to play the Entente (which is this one that I am playing as US). Even for a klutz like me, it did not take me long to figure out the schema of the zip file, and I managed to get the PO is Entente file into the WWI directory, the .eqp folder into the Grafx Override place, and ... here we go! I still need to read the briefing, though.

There are three briefings in the zip file, one scenario / general briefing (which I link below) and two others specifically for each side. I'll get to those later. In the meantime, here is the general briefing ("Joint Players Notes) it is a 16 page pdf file that will open in a new window for view. Below the link: a screenshot of the map as of US turn 1. This one looks very interesting! I have given the Elmer PO his usual "boosts" of "strong intelligence" and his "cheat +2" setting from the game options menu. Wish me luck!

Briefing link is


Hellen_slith -> RE: American Front 1914: Hellen (US) v Elmer PO (Entente) (5/16/2020 3:42:15 PM)

Well, I've scanned the "general" briefing, have ordered the novels on which the scene is based (how have I never heard of Harry Turtledove before this?) I know what I'll be reading this week!

Also, little touches like these in scenario briefings really get me eager to play the scene:

"Singing: It is not compulsory for you to sing ‘Dixie’ or ‘Oh Canada’ when you play the Entente,
or to whistle ‘Yankee Doodle’ if you are playing the US. But it is recommended, as extensive
tests have shown you can gain 1-2 extra combat phases."

John B. -> RE: American Front 1914: Hellen (US) v Elmer PO (Entente) (5/16/2020 6:20:44 PM)

Have you really never heard of Harry Turtledove??? He has some great alternative histories.

Hellen_slith -> RE: American Front 1914: Hellen (US) v Elmer PO (Entente) (5/16/2020 7:40:31 PM)

Yes! Until today, I had never heard of Harry Turtledove. I attribute that to, when he was coming into his prime in the 80s, 90s and aughts, I was busy working etc. and did not have a lot of time for "recreational reading" (reading was literally my job from about 1985 until 2014 or so when I retired) so I've only gotten back into my old voracious "recreational" reading habits in the last five or six years. Can't wait to read his works!

MikeJ19 -> RE: American Front 1914: Hellen (US) v Elmer PO (Entente) (5/16/2020 11:35:50 PM)

I have been intrigued by Harry's novels but have yet to give them a try. Maybe I should!

All the best,

John B. -> RE: American Front 1914: Hellen (US) v Elmer PO (Entente) (5/17/2020 2:18:12 PM)

I found the earlier novels to be better (I only read the first book of his Korean war alternative history). My favorite of his is the short story The Road Not Taken.

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