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sschnar1 -> Observation: AI Transport unloading at Ports with 0 (5/9/2020 12:36:26 AM)

I have noticed that AI Transports can land units when the Port is at level 0 due to a Blockade.

Is this normal for the AI to ignore unloading rules at Ports<5 because it is the AI?

In this instance '1939-45 Race to Victory 1.06.01' this happened at Batavia, DEI Capitol (183,91) where 4 US Unloaded 4 Transports, the units moved away as they were in my visual range.

I have also noticed a similar event in another game '1939 World At War1.06.00 or earlier' in the Haipong (185,69) and Pakhoi (187,69), where the Japanese was Blockaded and still was able to unload transports.

Just thought you should be made aware of this.


Hubert Cater -> RE: Observation: AI Transport unloading at Ports with 0 (5/9/2020 8:54:23 PM)

Thanks sschnar1. This was at one time fixed but it was then found to be too good a way to throw the AI off from its planning, e.g. the AI is not as good as a human player at adapting to a situation where the port strength goes to 0, and then can end up with their transports bunched up and stuck hanging around the affected port.

I'll admit that it's not the fairest way to handle this, but at this time, and until I have a better chance to address this, the AI is currently unaffected by zero strength ports, e.g. unlike a human player.

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