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Chris21wen -> Logistics Level (5/2/2020 8:53:10 AM)

Another clarification needed.

40. Simplified the impact of difficulty modifiers, so the game would scale better:
c. Logistics Level affects only vehicle repair capacity.

Old says:

Logistics Level: Impacts the formulas that determine the amount of supply and replacements a unit receives based on its supply trace, the amount of attrition a unit suffers due to movement, the amount of fatigue added or removed from a unit during a turn, and the amount of fuel expended by generic vehicles. This level also affects the ability of leaders to conduct successful admin checks.

Now none of this applies. Correct!

If correct the formula for working out the global vehicle shortages no long applies as is. There is no A in it.

A * Vehicles in Vehicle Pool / Need for Vehicles in Vehicle Pool, where A equals the Player Logistics Level (3.3.3.) which determines the percentage off help level from game options screen).

It should be a straight
In pool/needed
as delievered supply is now worked out differently based on MP and hexes to railhead.

Chris21wen -> RE: Logistics Level (5/5/2020 6:24:36 AM)

Again nobody?

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