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budd -> AIW#42 End of game shot (5/1/2020 10:40:45 PM)

This is the end game state of a just finished pbem game i played. I mentioned in the CSVietnam thread regarding disrupted unit movement. This is not to say this wasn't a fun scenario to play, it was. Although i got killed on the scoreboard, i wasn't unhappy with the damage i did to the Israelis. Think the map needed to be a bit bigger on the top/bottom for more maneuver choices.

I pushed on the bottom of the map. The reason was it was the best route for limiting the LOS. I pushed units to those rocks near the bottom of the map before my units were even seen. This surprised my opponent, he had a very sparse force in the trees, but once i got past the rocks there was LOS from the road and points north. I was pretty happy to get any units off the map, given what i was facing and the size of the map. My opponent shifted forces south to block me, with the tree line and rough terrain it was a bitch getting through. I had a small diversionary force moving up north, but it quickly fell to the Israeli tanks. I had a heavy tank force in the town, i realized i had to whittle down the Israelis before even attempting to exit units and the town units did heavy damage to a lot of Israeli tank units at the crossroads forcing him to fallback. I find that you have to have big stacks of armor to do any real damage, so i stacked my Syrians deep. At this point in hindsight with the Israelis shifting south, falling back slowly in the center i should of started looping north toward the other exit VP....a well. I also didn't start my big move toward exiting until turn 9 of 12, maybe a turn or two to late.

A lot of my tank units and a few infantry units you see lagging back are disrupted. 4 of the 5 most advanced Israeli units are disrupted. The only one not disrupted is the 3 strength armored infantry in the trees in the south stacked with a disrupted unit. Tried to use HQ's and leader to help with disruption, lost 12 HQ's and leaders, only 3 left you see on map.

Curious about people's opinion of the current disrupted unit movement and its limitations. It's a bigger issue on exit VP scenarios i find. What i currently do is pull the unit back out of LOF and move a leader or HQ to the hex, i do this whenever possible. Again i'm not saying it wasn't fun to play, it was, and i could almost hear my opponent swear when he discovered my strong move along the south edge. Anyone have any thoughts, or any pointers for me.


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