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Stego -> Subs aren't repaired (4/30/2020 8:43:12 AM)


German subs in French atlantic ports are not being repaired. They don't recover their strength.

Neither they haven't been bombed at port last turns.



PanzerMike -> RE: Subs aren't repaired (4/30/2020 10:55:06 AM)

Make sure they are in Ports of size 5 or greater. Also make sure the no upgrade/ no reinforcement switch is off.

sillyflower -> RE: Subs aren't repaired (4/30/2020 11:15:07 AM)

They will repair more quickly if you prioritise them and you must always have enough prod. points in the repair/upgrade box.

Stego -> RE: Subs aren't repaired (4/30/2020 11:16:53 AM)

Brest and Saint-Nazaire are 5 size ports, and repair/ upgrade is on.

ncc1701e -> RE: Subs aren't repaired (4/30/2020 11:22:44 AM)

Brest and Saint-Nazaire are level 5 already. So this must be something else. Do you have other units under repair? If so, check the Reinforcement and Upgrade Order table in the manual page 31.

Stego -> RE: Subs aren't repaired (5/1/2020 10:35:04 PM)

Finally I prioritized them for reinforcements and increased the production points for reinforcement/upgrades.

Then they recovered their strength.

Thanks for your help!

ncc1701e -> RE: Subs aren't repaired (5/2/2020 12:46:17 PM)

You are welcome, enjoy the game.

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