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CaptainFalcon -> We didnt forget about Southern Storm (4/29/2020 4:34:41 PM)


What happened with Southern Storm?

The Cold War engine was finished I think around a year ago.
But the game is yet to see a release date [&:]

Any new updates, news, screenshots, or leaks about the upcoming best ever tactical wargame? [:D]

CapnDarwin -> RE: We didnt forget about Southern Storm (4/29/2020 5:38:54 PM)

Cold War engine is still in development with Southern Storm as the first release. We showed very early alpha code at Origins last year in June and we have been working on the game engine, cleaning up the UI, squashing bugs, adding and testing features and tweaks and laying the groundwork for documentation. All I can say is we behind where we want to be and the situation of the past two months with COVID have had disruptions in our daily lives as it has everyone else. We are close to Beta testing and once we get into that mode we will be able to do more show and tell. We want to have you see and play it and much as you do. [8D]

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