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Killmaster851 -> LGBTQ+ Community (4/28/2020 10:34:52 AM)

Is there a LGBTQ+ and if not could i be allowed to set one up?

Twotribes -> RE: LGBTQ+ Community (4/28/2020 11:39:45 AM)

No politics allowed.

Killmaster851 -> RE: LGBTQ+ Community (4/28/2020 11:52:03 AM)

How is this politics i just want a group?!

balto -> RE: LGBTQ+ Community (4/28/2020 11:55:32 AM)

This is a joke, right? Like PBEM+?

Killmaster851 -> RE: LGBTQ+ Community (4/28/2020 12:10:54 PM)

My identity is a joke to you?

VPaulus -> RE: LGBTQ+ Community (4/28/2020 12:20:00 PM)

Hello Killmaster851,

We don't have a separate forum or such for this, as it is not needed. We try to encourage an inclusive community, and therefore the race, gender, sexual identity etc of the members should not matter, as we are all here to appreciate the shared hobby of wargaming and such games.

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