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rrweeks -> Experienced Player Looking For Game (4/25/2020 7:41:38 PM)

I'm an experienced player but hadn't played in years, then someone tracked me down from an old post and I've been playing on Steam, version 1.04. Am I looking at this correctly or are you folks up to version 1.06? If I have to buy a new game and patch over 1.06 that would be fine.

I like the Allies better, so send me an Axis first turn, 1939 Fall Weiss. Or we could play on Steam right now. I seem to remember back in the day between versions we would copy the game to a new folder and apply the latest patch there? I can also tell you what I like about Steam is reloads show up. Back in the day reloads were a major problem. Now everyone gets surprise encounters and frustrating 1 strength combat results and research droughts.

Hoping to find another opponent.

Bob in Seattle, Not Too Often Sleepless

Cpuncher -> RE: Experienced Player Looking For Game (5/1/2020 4:31:49 PM)

I can play as Axis against you. I bought my game through Steam but it's already updated to 1.061. Steam should update your game if you allow it. Let me know. You can go ahead and set up a game and send me the PW.

rrweeks -> RE: Experienced Player Looking For Game (5/1/2020 4:47:53 PM)

Cowpuncher, you'll have to send me a game through Steam and we can play straight away. I have a really good game going on Steam and don't want to mess it up by attempting an update as I'm fairly tech challenged. Matrix did send me a specific patch for my situation but it didn't work or I don't know how to get it to work, so I'm stuck with Steam for now. My Matrix purchased game's dashboard looks identical to the Steam dashboard, I can't accept challenges, no option to do so. So something is conflicting, but I'm not uninstalling Steam until my current game finishes. Plus, I've had numerous games with my Steam opponent so I'd have to get his agreement to migrate to Matrix.

Cpuncher -> RE: Experienced Player Looking For Game (5/1/2020 5:17:10 PM)

Ok, I have no idea how to send a game through Steam. I always played through the in-game manual of "PBEM++ ONLINE".

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