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Chris21wen -> German KstNs (4/23/2020 9:42:32 AM)

A whole range of German WW2 Kriegsstärkenachweisungen (KstNs.

I have a whole range of German WW2 Kriegsstärkenachweisungen (KstNs). They are NOT Kreigsgliederung (OOBs) and are not intended to be so but more the evolution of the German Tables of Organization (TOE) sorted by type, date and KstN number. There’s nothing new in the KstNs themselves just how they are displayed as in nearly all previous documents they were always part of an OOB.

I stated doing them many years ago before the advent of the internet in the days of the Apple ][e and are aimed at tactical level games, initially SSIs Kampfgruppe on the Apple and then Steel Panthers. They can however be used to recreate larger units if you know what those units consisted of. For instance you have a Pz Div Kreigsgliederung. Not sure useful they will be in WitE/WitW but as I said they can be used to build larger units.

Hope you find them useful but read the General notes.

They are zipped here in in Libre/Open office format as they take up less space than pdfs.

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