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christenberryd -> Cross Load Inf Reg? (4/20/2020 3:25:08 AM)

I'm playing the Guadacanal scenario as the Japanese.

The manual mentions the ability to cross load troops into the cargo space of an AK. It doesn't seem to mention how to do this?

As the Japanese, I have a ton of AK, some with troop cap of 495, but I need 4k+ to load a single inf reg. There were a few higher troop load AKs with 1k troop cap, but they have a few holes in them by now.

Thanks for any help,

Alfred -> RE: Cross Load Inf Reg? (4/20/2020 3:56:52 AM)

There is no separate loading procedure involved.

Natural Load occupies less cargo space capacity than does Cross Load.  The actual amount of space used up is automatically determined by the computer.

Of greater importance is the type of "troop" you are loading as that will determine whether the ship packs it into its hold as normal or cross load.  For details see the table in s. of the manual.


geofflambert -> RE: Cross Load Inf Reg? (4/20/2020 1:09:00 PM)

What you have control of is what type of ship each unit is loaded on. You begin by creating an amphibious TF for each unit you wish to load, then once the ships begin loading you can combine them all (throught ship transfers) into one TF. Combat troops will automatically unload the fastest but you want to put them on your most efficient amphibious ships, AKs instead of xAKs, APs instead of xAPs, and APDs as available. Don't combine TFs of significantly different speeds. Load heavy equipment units (AA, artillery etc.) and base and support troops on the ships that unload slower, because they will unload slower anyway and won't be contributing that much to defense initially. Use as many ships as you can because then you will maximize the amount of supply delivered and if you lose a ship along the way you will lose a smaller percentage of the unit loaded. Always try and use at least two ships per unit loaded (whether it's an amphib operation or a port-to-port transfer) so that when you lose a ship you don't lose an entire unit.

geofflambert -> RE: Cross Load Inf Reg? (4/20/2020 1:14:53 PM)

Additionally, you can modulate the load (particularly if there's a limit to how much supply is available to load) by loading some of your initial TFs as "load troops only" and combine them with regular load TFs as the allocations will already be set. Also, if the available supply to load is really limited, you can start with one TF loading supply only, and combine it with a number of TFs loading troops only.

christenberryd -> RE: Cross Load Inf Reg? (4/21/2020 2:37:17 PM)

Thank you! Maybe I was looking at the verify load and not letting the load proceed far enough along in the process. Anyway, came back to game after years away, several improvements in realism.

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