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goodwoodrw -> Desktop Laser cutters (4/18/2020 9:55:16 AM)

G'day folks, after 30 years absence from military modelling I have taken it up again. Products now available is mind boggling. I thing I would like to try is scale buildings. I have 2 questions probably more than 2 actually if someone would like to help. Are Desk Top lasers affordable and what sort of price I am looking at, where can I get some useful info? I have google Desk top lasers, I get bit of info, but not a lot that I can understand. Some pointers would be nice thanks in advance,

Capt. Harlock -> RE: Desktop Laser cutters (4/18/2020 9:30:53 PM)

Not quite sure what you're asking -- do you mean something that can cut raw material to shape, or something like a 3-D printer? If the second, try Googling "Additive Manufacturing" (that's the more professional term for 3-D printing these days).

goodwoodrw -> RE: Desktop Laser cutters (4/19/2020 11:52:59 AM)

I basically want to cut ply or MDF 3 6 or 9mm to make 1/35 scale buildings
and I guess to etch the material as well

goodwoodrw -> RE: Desktop Laser cutters (4/19/2020 12:01:50 PM)

Watch this video fascinating model work, go to this link

RichG -> RE: Desktop Laser cutters (4/19/2020 1:42:09 PM)

I believe in the videos he is using an Epilog Laser:

Probably very expensive for a hobbyist.

"The cost of our various laser systems is determined by speed (stepper vs. servo motors), engraving table size, and laser wattage (ranging from 30 watts to 120 watts) and range from $7,995 to around $66,500"

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