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John B. -> Korea? Again? Again??? (4/17/2020 12:45:38 PM)

My previous bout with Marc ended right after the Greeks took Wonsan with a UN victory because the Chinese did not intervene. So, we agreed to switch sides and now I'm free to unleash my inner revolutionary as I drive the capitalist bloodsuckers from their lairs and liberate the workers and peasants of South Korea. All hail Most Fabulicious Leader Kim Il-Sung. We are not even worthy to type his name!!!

This war is clearly an act of Imperialist aggression as I was merely moving troops around in NK when they were struck by interdiction airstrikes (perhaps a bug that should be fixed?). Fortunately, the workers army just happened to be at the boarder and just happened to be fully supplied and just happened to be ready for a war of liberation and just happened to be in echelon formation that just happened to be ready to storm the ramparts of reaction.

Here is the results about 1/2 of the way through the turn. Pretty good progress all around.


John B. -> RE: Korea? Again? Again??? (4/17/2020 12:46:31 PM)

Not surprisingly, the combats are all going the NK way right now.


John B. -> RE: Korea? Again? Again??? (4/17/2020 12:49:17 PM)

And, here's how things stand just before the end of the turn. I'm driviving down the east coast and, in the final round of attacks just after this shot I captured (er liberated) Seoul and destroyed the encircled band of Syngman's stooges. I don't think I can get to Pusan, but I"m going to try.


John B. -> RE: Korea? Again? Again??? (4/17/2020 2:49:43 PM)

Liberation turn two. Here is the start of the turn.

UN air pirates were annoying this turn. I've noticed that the interdiction is more intense when I go through airfields so I'm trying to avoid those.


John B. -> RE: Korea? Again? Again??? (4/17/2020 2:51:10 PM)

Not nearly as many attacks this turn, but the ROK lackeys continue to fold in the face of ferocious freedom fighters (who adore alliteration).


John B. -> RE: Korea? Again? Again??? (4/17/2020 2:55:07 PM)

End of the turn. I've pushed hard down the east coast (where supply will be a problem) and eliminated a couple of pockets but did not get much penetration on the West coast or in the center. The lackeys no doubt received extra payments to American gold to stiffen their spines as I was just one mp away from pushing further but could not make any more attacks.


John B. -> RE: Korea? Again? Again??? (4/17/2020 3:29:09 PM)

Liberation day turn three. The unthinkable happened. On the East Coast the ROK marines held on the coast and in the West the ROK regiment held at Taejon. The Most Incredible Fantastic Leader ever Kim Il Sung is not happy. No, he is not happy at all. But, on the east coast I did get an armored unit south of the marines. I'm sure there are UN lackey troops skulking about somewhere and this may flush them out.

Damn air pirates!


John B. -> RE: Korea? Again? Again??? (4/17/2020 4:37:00 PM)

Liberation Turn 4. We're in the middle of July and alas the tank regiment that made it south went to the great socialist motherland in the sky. Most toasted marshmallow leader Kim Il-Jung applauded them and upheld them as an example to all school children.

We did manage to take Taegu in the center but the reactionaries are holding us up in west as they do not seem to appreciate their given role as target practice for the glorious people's army of workers and peasants.


John B. -> RE: Korea? Again? Again??? (4/17/2020 6:33:46 PM)

Liberation turn 5. On the east coast we run into a wall of American arch lackeys (only here due to a totally illegal vote in the UN security counsel). One attack against them failed while the other one, indicated, managed to liberate another ROK town. I also pushed back the ROK marine regiment.

On the west coast some more progress was made but I have been unable to get to the supply point. I've been pushing in the center as it is not defended right now and may help me get around the flanks of either coast.

My troops are beyond exhausted and running low on supplies. But, now is the best time to push with the ROK troops shattered and the Americans thin on the ground. Not as much air piracy this turn.


John B. -> RE: Korea? Again? Again??? (4/17/2020 8:15:17 PM)

Liberation turn 7. We're at the end of July and, as you can see, so close to Pusan that the Leader We All Adore Because He Is So Handsome, Kim Il-Sung can almost taste it. It was actually a pretty good turn for the NK forces. One American regiment broke into its constituent parts as did an engineer battalion in the middle when I'm one hex shy of cutting the ROK in two. I also took Kwangju and the supply point at Kunsan.

I've only identified two US divisions (the ROK is basically just a speed bump right now) so there are likely two more lurking someplace.

All NK units are set to ignore losses. And they all die with the name Kim Il-Sung on their lips!


John B. -> RE: Korea? Again? Again??? (4/18/2020 1:16:14 AM)

Liberation turn 8. It's the start of August and I suspect that the NK army has reached it's high water mark. Marc had a number of attacks in his turn and here you see me at the end of mine. I had two failed attacks against the Americans in the East and pushed back a couple of SK units in the west.

I did not push too hard this time as my supplies are a little bit better and I'm resting the boys behind the lines who did not fight. Also, there seems to be at least one US division (aka 1st Marine) that has not made an appearance. Inchon is fortified and so is Wonsan so let's hope he can't make too much of an impression with an invasion.


John B. -> RE: Korea? Again? Again??? (4/18/2020 1:19:02 PM)

Liberation turn 9. And, Strikingly Handsome Leader Who Is Kind To Small Animals Kim Il-Sung is both pleased and displeased with the results. The UN mercenaries made inroads in the West and pushed my forces back towards Kwangju. In the East (where I have more forces) they pushed hard and made some penetrations in my line, but no breakthroughs.

Here is the map about 1/2 of the way through my turn. I had two failed attacks in the West but pushed back an incursion in the east and broke up a US regiment into battalions.

I'm taking very heavy casualties by continuing the offensive but I figured this army is doomed anyway and rather than let the UN pick me apart, I'd rather keep the pressure on and keep his troops tired and disorganized. I also try to target the ROK Marine Regiment as it can cooperate fully with the UN so there is no cooperation penalty.

After this picture was taken, I moved in and attacked another regimental combat team in the East and pushed it back as well. A lot of my soldiers became one with the dialectic as result but the hex was retaken and the line straightened out.

The 1st Marine division is oddly missing. :)


John B. -> RE: Korea? Again? Again??? (4/18/2020 1:21:13 PM)

BTW, the US armored battalion in the center was attacked three times from both sides (with my staff telling me that the prognoses was good each time) and it held all three times. My staff are now each buying lottery tickets for a weekly piece of bread in the Gulag. It does not pay to disappoint the Leader Who Is A Really Snazzy Dresser Kim Il-Sung!!

John B. -> RE: Korea? Again? Again??? (4/18/2020 1:21:58 PM)

Some of my attacks work and some of them don't. It's a real sense of accomplishment when a US unit retreats!


John B. -> RE: Korea? Again? Again??? (4/20/2020 9:48:47 PM)

Sorry for the delay, the UN went nuclear and the Chinese intervened but there did not seem to be any reason for that, so Marc re-did the turn and we're back on. Here is the situation at the start of my turn. Marc is unfairly taking advantage of his better firepower and supply to push me around. Typical capitalist.


John B. -> RE: Korea? Again? Again??? (4/20/2020 9:50:54 PM)

I decided that many of my men had done quite well and deserved some R&R so I pulled units out of the front to go home to the socialist motherland. Anyone who calls this a retreat rather a reward for a job well done will be shot.

I did do a couple of attacks on the east coast and pushed back one stack but could not dislodge his armored batallion on the coast. My lack of supply may have had something to do with it. But, I did get it into the red and hopefully out of serious action for awhile.


John B. -> RE: Korea? Again? Again??? (4/20/2020 9:51:44 PM)

Here is a current view of the Korean Peninsula or, as we like to call it, Kim Il-Sungland.


John B. -> RE: Korea? Again? Again??? (4/20/2020 11:52:02 PM)

Well the Americans, in a completely unexpected move, invaded at Inchon and, unfortunately, they made it ashore and even pushed me back a hex. I think I managed to pull back from Pusan in time so I should be able to continue to fight around Seoul for awhile while Marc is tied up in the south clearing me out.


John B. -> RE: Korea? Again? Again??? (4/20/2020 11:53:46 PM)

I did manage some attacks in the south, and a couple of them worked.


John B. -> RE: Korea? Again? Again??? (4/20/2020 11:56:04 PM)

The indomitable will of the army or Workers and Peasants actually managed to cut off a couple of US units and to run down a US artillery battalion. Don't tell Sweeter Than Peanut Brittle Leader Kim Il-Sung but it's all over in the south. I'm just trying to tie Marc up and wear out as many of his units as I can.

BTW, I'm never quite clear, what actually happens to units that retreat when you click on them? Do they lose devices as they retreat or are they just getting more and more disorganized?


John B. -> RE: Korea? Again? Again??? (4/21/2020 12:17:28 PM)

Liberation turn 12. As you can see in the far south east corner of the map, there is a true Hero of North Korea that managed to hold off American attacks and defend the town. Meanwhile, a see saw battle has opened up at Seoul. I held in one attack but the Americans managed to push an RCT from the 2nd division into the VP hex.


John B. -> RE: Korea? Again? Again??? (4/21/2020 12:21:12 PM)

So, to retake the hex and keep the Americans as busy as possible fighting in the city, I moved up reinforcements and went "all in". Come to think of it, all NK attacks are "all in." In any event, it worked, and the regiment was pushed back and Seoul liberated again, no doubt to great rejoicing by the civilians huddled in their shelters. War Crimes is just a Bourgeoisie construct designed to divert attention from the re liberation of the capital. :).

I've also set up road blocks to slow Marc's advance north. I figure it makes more sense to put the units off the road so, when he does the overruns his units spend more points than if they were simply pushing up the road.


John B. -> RE: Korea? Again? Again??? (4/21/2020 1:25:09 PM)

Liberation turn 13. Not too much to report. I did hold Seoul this turn. It did leave several of my units disorganized but it does keep the UN pretty much bottled up for another turn. Marc can swing around my southern flank and his forces are pushing north but, based on unit recon, I'm wearing him down.

One intel item of note, two Marine RCTs are unaccounted for. So, I'm leaving a division in P'yongyang and a division in Wonsan just in case.

My only attack was to shell his CA TF off the coast of seoul. I lost a 76 mm gun and damaged to CAs.[&o]


John B. -> RE: Korea? Again? Again??? (4/21/2020 4:36:28 PM)

Liberation turn 14. I continue to hold Seoul and the People's Courts of Infinite Justice continue to mete out punishment to the class enemies (those reports of mass graves by the UN are, of course true, the mass graves of Capitalism).

I did account for at least one of the missing Marine RCTs, it landed in the West and was held up by the Regiment I had fortified there just in case. At least one company of the Marine recon unit is also there. They are also out of supply so Marc may have to withdrawal them in fairly short order. Lesson of the day? Always (and I do mean always) have reserves.

One annoying bug is that the UN again went nuclear and this time dropped the bomb on a South Korean city under Marc's control. I've never seen this type of bug before in this game. Anyone know what's up? Marc has been able to reload the turn and it does not happen but that can get old.


John B. -> RE: Korea? Again? Again??? (4/21/2020 4:37:18 PM)

My casualties to date. This is, of course, just a flesh wound. :)


John B. -> RE: Korea? Again? Again??? (4/21/2020 5:44:40 PM)

Liberation turn 15. In the East Marc made more progress that I would have hoped and seemed to have no trouble pushing aside a division as he marches up the coast. Seoul held but wasn't attacked.

Marc did land more troops on the West coast. I'm not sure how long their supply levels can hold out and he did leave himself open to a counter attack as he has engineers, HQ and recon stacked in the hex next to me.


John B. -> RE: Korea? Again? Again??? (4/21/2020 5:46:58 PM)

I brought in a fresh division from Seoul and have cut off the airborne and the Marine RCTs but, I really had to push. A Marine engineer battalion held the fist hex for an extra turn and, in the end, some of his troops retreated from the anchorage but other did not. Now, to see if Marc can save his units. He probably can but this should keep them tied up for awhile.

No other attacks, just resting, resupplying, and digging in.


John B. -> RE: Korea? Again? Again??? (4/21/2020 6:53:07 PM)

Liberation turn 16. Well, the good news is that the NK regiment cutting off the Marines from the anchorage held. This made Oh So Witty Leader Kim Il-Sung smile. The bad news is that my attack on the isolated Marine RCT plus an airborne RCT did not seem to do much damage to those units. The made Smiling Grandpa Leader Kim Il-Sung frown. Trust me, you don't want to make him frown.

Also on the bright side there were heavy UN casualties on the ongoing battle for Seoul. If there is one thing commies know, that's street fighting in an urban area. Well, they may forget that lesson in Budapest in a few years but, as for now, the Soviet advisers who fought at Stalingrad are giving good advice.

Marc is repairing the railroad from Pusan (why didn't I think of that!) and so his supply status there has to be very good.


John B. -> RE: Korea? Again? Again??? (4/21/2020 9:03:38 PM)

Liberation turn 17. It looks like the Marines have through better of their little expedition and they are pulling back. If they are then I count it as a victory since the expedition tied up two marine RCTs, a US infantry RCT, and the US airborne RCT and hopefully it will take them a few turns to recover.

On the main front, Marc actually dug me out of Seoul but his units did not advance, so, my units have moved back in. It's a real seesaw battle as we move into the middle of October.

but, on a sad note, over to the east of Seoul an attack on the lacky ROK stack failed to do any damage to it. Something is wrong with this world when I can't make ROK troops retreat! I decided not to press the attack as I am running out of troops and I do need to prevent Marc from making one giant pocket out of Seoul


John B. -> RE: Korea? Again? Again??? (4/21/2020 10:14:16 PM)

Liberation turn 18. You know, if the Elder brother Russians and Chinese want to intervene right about now, who would the Most Wise and Deliberate of Brilliant Geniuses Kim Il-Sung be to say no? The UN recaptured the Seoul VP hex and made more gains in the East than I thought that he could. I had a fresh division dug in there and it is creaking.


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