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nikolascc -> Map Editor Improvements? (4/15/2020 4:25:48 PM)

Are we going to get improvements to the map editor? I am struggling to do the most basic stuff. Why does lowering the land height also move the camera? It makes the process impossible. How about a "set height" brush, so we can paint at a specific height. That will allow making trenches or rivers much easier. An undo button would be great as well. I cant tell you how many times I totally irreversibly messed up something and just rage-quit the editor... When setting objects it would be nice to see the object on my cursor before setting it down, that way i don't have to delete it and set it again until its in the spot I really want.. I really don't know how one can make a map in this thing. It's actively working against me. Also I am unable to scale many objects and the scaling function is very restrictive.

nikolascc -> RE: Map Editor Improvements? (4/15/2020 4:44:01 PM)

Also fix a crash when smoothing terrain that contains water... just crashed when trying to do that. And thankfully there is no autosave system so I just lost my entire map I started making. Also why does changing the water level above the land you have created ruin the entire map? It spits grass and rocks everywhere and now i have to repaint the entire map.... UGH! I find it hard to believe the games maps were made with this editor....

PipFromSlitherine -> RE: Map Editor Improvements? (4/15/2020 5:12:39 PM)

Sorry you are having issues. We've not gotten any of this feedback from other users so far. I will go through your points and make fixes and updates where possible.

To answer some of your points:

+ the height tools are generally for cleanup, the expected flow is for the main heights to be built as a map and imported.
+ scaling for objects is determined by their realworld properties. Scaling up most objects would just look bad.
+ The grass and rocks are the automatic clutter. This would generally appear on any terrain of the appropriate type, so can you please give a reproduction flow so I can see what you mean, as I would have imagined that the clutter should already be on those tiles.



PipFromSlitherine -> RE: Map Editor Improvements? (4/16/2020 4:27:11 PM)

One small extra note, once you have placed a building etc, you can drag it to a new position with the left mouse button.



nikolascc -> RE: Map Editor Improvements? (4/16/2020 5:18:37 PM)

Thanks for the response! Another bug to note, when editing the scenario of the map in the Editor, anything clicked on the scenario screen will "paint" the map behind it, resulting in dots of a different terrain type all over the map and i have to go and repaint the map again. And another bug is that many times after saving the map, bocages I have placed will be floating in the air and i have to delete them and replace them. Am I really the only one encountering all these things in the editor?

PipFromSlitherine -> RE: Map Editor Improvements? (4/16/2020 7:28:14 PM)

The issue with the scenario editor should be fixed (quite a while back) so I will check it here.

Does this only occur with the bocage object?



nikolascc -> RE: Map Editor Improvements? (4/16/2020 8:36:20 PM)

I have only noticed that issue with the bocage object.

PipFromSlitherine -> RE: Map Editor Improvements? (4/17/2020 5:50:57 PM)

There is a new beta on Steam which includes a number of fixes for the crashes you were seeing. Please take a look if you can.



nikolascc -> RE: Map Editor Improvements? (4/17/2020 9:02:07 PM)

Are the normalmaps, height maps? And if not, where are the height maps for the games maps? And if the normalmaps ARE the height maps, why am i unable to load them as a height map in the editor?

SteveMcClaire -> RE: Map Editor Improvements? (4/17/2020 10:42:04 PM)

Normal maps are not height maps. Normal maps are used to light the scene/maps.

A 'height map' graphic can be loaded into the map editor to import elevation data found/created outside the game. You don't need a height map graphic. It's just one tool you can use in the editor if you wish.


ineffable -> RE: Map Editor Improvements? (4/17/2020 11:48:05 PM)

In the editor, if you click Load Map and select one of the stock map .ccm files from C: ... \Close Combat - The Bloody First\Campaigns\MAIN\DATA\MAPS you can then export the height map image by clicking on Save Height.

ex. the height map for Cacchiamo. Note height maps are x+1, y+1 in size where x and y are the dimensions of the map in meters.


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