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LargeDiameterBomb -> [Fixed] Sub contacts disappear and appear spontaneously (4/14/2020 8:36:52 PM)

System and Software
I am using CMO build 1141.2, with Windows 10 Pro build 18363.592, which however is lacking a recent update the features of which are unknown to me but I had to remove it because it caused a completely black screen after log in where only the start menu could be shown, but no windows/programs could be shown whatsoever.
It is a stationary computer that should be fast enough which normally works fine (Except for experiencing two common problems in the past - freezing File Explorer and Black Screen) and all drivers are updated.

The Problem
I was playing a heavily modified version of Corvette Group Off Bressay and noticed what was probably a UGM-84 AShM salvo launch coming from a submarine, marked the position and sent a Lynx Wildcat chopper with call sign AW-159 Lynx Wildcat (HMS Suffolk) #1 from a nearby ship to investigate.

After the helicopter arriving and dropping two CAMBS VI active sonar buoys I got a Goblin contact that just popped up and disappeared a several times (Note that I am not referring to the normal process of a contact appearing and then the seconds counting since the contact was last spotted and the game after 2 (?) hours dropping it - instead the contact disappeared completely of the map after only approx 1-2 seconds since it had first been detected).

I had noticed some strange sub contact behavior previously in the scenario, namely when the AShM salvo was fired a Goblin appeared about 15-50 nm away from the position of the launched AShMs, which just was immovable for a few seconds until I removed it and wrote it off as a single bug, so it took me maybe half a minute game time to pause the game when the contact named SSK #215 started appearing and disappearing, thinking the problem might go away.

I then dropped a third CAMBS VI near where the sub had last appeared and disappeared and saved the game since i realized something was wrong.

If you load the enclosed save you are zoomed in on AW-159 Lynx Wildcat (HMS Suffolk) #1 and the dropped sonar buoys are visible and you should get the SSK #215 appearing and then disappearing, probably several times, just by running the simulation a few minutes.

I read that you devs are extremely busy now but if you could take a look at this it would be greatly appreciated. This bug makes it almost completely impossible to use any scenarios involving subs.
I know you are doing your best, and that is very good indeed. Please just give it a look when you have the time.

PS. I also noticed a SSK contact at a depth of -3 m appearing at another place about 15-30 minutes (Game time) later in the game, discovered by a radiating CAPTOR-E on a Eurofighter Typhoon, and was somewhat intrigued as to what this was and pushed the Ctrl + V keys since the submarine had exposed itself anyway and to see if I could rectify the situation, but when I did so there was nothing there. I was zoomed in to a height of maybe 5000-8000 m ASL and the sub was nowhere to be found on the screen. I suspect the issues might be related. I however didn't make a save of that occurrence.

Rory Noonan -> RE: Sub contacts disappear and appear spontaneously (4/15/2020 9:24:07 AM)

Logged for investigation.


SteveMcClaire -> RE: [Logged] Sub contacts disappear and appear spontaneously (9/26/2020 11:05:27 PM)

Fixed for next update.

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