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MrJamesEMcBride -> Play older games in borderless windowed mode? (4/12/2020 1:45:25 PM)

Hello folks!
Is there a way for me to play some of the older games in borderless windowed mode or something similar? I would like to be able to pull up a manual on one screen and have the game open on the other.
I am speaking specifically of the games Battles In Italy and Battles In Normandy.

Thank you very much for your help!

Major_Mess -> RE: Play older games in borderless windowed mode? (4/12/2020 4:52:29 PM)


I don't know of those games that you spoke of, but I do know this, a small program called DxWnd could very well be your answer. I've been using this for years with SPWaW, doing exactly what you are trying. I pull up the game in one window, and the manual, and editing tools, and whatever reference materials I have on the rest of the screens (dual monitors of course).
FWIW, I also play SPWaW in windowed mode, some of the graphic filters actually help, and my game doesn't run slow at all in this wrapper.
The developer of this program is Very active and will go out of his way to help with any difficult games. The program itself is constantly updated with new and interesting features. Borderless windowed game being one of them.

You can find DxWnd HERE!. Some folks get kinda leery of Sourceforge, but this program is safe, and solid.
D/L, then install it anywhere but the desktop. The file is extensive, which mirrors the skadillion options available. If you still have no luck after installing this holler away and I'll see what I can do to help, orrrrrr open up a new thread on Gho's site.
He'll help you big-time.

Hope this helps


Major Mess

MrJamesEMcBride -> RE: Play older games in borderless windowed mode? (4/12/2020 5:42:38 PM)

Hello Major Mess :)
Thanks for the info! I downloaded that program, and it seems to work well! I am looking at the options, and yeah, there is A LOT there. The mouse seems to be a bit wonky when it is inside the window, so I am guessing that there are probably some settings for that.

It looks like this program is gonna do the trick, tho!


Major_Mess -> RE: Play older games in borderless windowed mode? (4/13/2020 3:56:51 AM)

De Nada


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