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mssm45 -> Romanian oil priority repair (4/12/2020 8:36:56 AM)

No construction units are allocated to Romanian factories set to priority repair.

Is this normal?

loki100 -> RE: Romanian oil priority repair (4/12/2020 9:45:03 AM)

support units are sent out over a certain distance from their HQ. So if you say have OKH lurking in the Ruhr (aka a very good idea), the oil fields are out of range even for OKH as that is 90 hexes (7.7.4 of the manual).

So you need to move a HQ into range - probably easiest with one of the Army Groups - or accept that no SU will be assigned

Darojax -> RE: Romanian oil priority repair (4/12/2020 11:46:09 AM)

Pretty sure this doesn't work. No units (except for AA and airgroups) are allowed in that group of south-eastern european countries.

Even trying to assign construction battalions manually to cities in Romania doesn't work, you can only assign AA units.

It's somewhat disturbing as having heavy damage to the Ploesti oilfields generate considerable amounts of VPs for the allies, turn after turn, and it literally takes years (example from 73 to 71 percent damage in one turn) to do the repairs without construction battalions.

Maybe something to look into, to allow CBs to enter those SE European countries?

loki100 -> RE: Romanian oil priority repair (4/12/2020 2:12:40 PM)

you could be right, but in most of my PBEMs I've never really bothered with those oilfields either way. As the Allied player, the operational losses mean any formations sent that way are out of action for a couple of weeks as they repair their morale.

Given that up to Rome, the best return for the Allied med air is railway and unit bombing and then after that you may as well swap to bombing S Germany (esp the tanks and v-weapons) its a bit of a niche mission.

As the axis player, I've been fairly happy to see allied efforts over there rather than where it hurts me more directly.

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