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aslfingerspell -> Rail Decisions Adding Construction Bn instead of subtracting (4/12/2020 3:55:08 AM)

I started up a new game of DC:B a few days ago, but discovered that the rail decisions (which ask you to either slow down track conversion to build signaling or infrastructure or push ahead on conversion and lose trains) end up adding Construction Bn when they should subtract. I have over 200 Construction Effort on all my rail lines, and that's a huge blow to the logistics challenge of the game.

lancer -> RE: Rail Decisions Adding Construction Bn instead of subtracting (4/12/2020 10:51:43 PM)

Hi asflingerspell,

Try the Private patch on the main forum.

You're 'bunny...' on Steam with the same issue? (good to know how many people are experiencing it)


TheSquid -> RE: Rail Decisions Adding Construction Bn instead of subtracting (6/20/2020 10:43:45 AM)

I'm currently running v105.6, and this is happening to me as well.

It happens in both the "Infrastructure" decision as well as the "Signalling" decision.

Previously, choosing to "put things back together" or "signalling is important" (respectively) would result in a reduction in Eisenbahntruppen effort (and also cost more political points that the other options), with the offset being that you don't randomly "lose" trains due to infrastructure problems or signalling problems (respectively) for that theatre in future turns. Which made sense to me, since if you're taking the time to build infrastructure or repair signalling, then one would expect things to take longer (and less effort == less chance of conversion per turn and/or less possible conversion per turn).

Now, each of those choices ADDS a not-insignificant amount to the effort, rather than subtracting. So not only do we not suffer signalling/infrastructure issues any more, we also replace the track faster.

I notice that the patch notes for 105.6 mention that rail infrastructure decisions were fixed, so I guess this is the "fix"? Which seems strange, since IMO the previous behaviour makes more sense. If we're spending our limited resources to do more stuff, then the conversion process should suffer in terms of efficiency I would have thought.

It would be different if these decisions were about using our political capital to give the Eisenbahntruppen more resources (as we sometimes get at the start of a scenario) - but going by the reports that go along with these decisions, that isn't the case.

So the previous tradeoff (speed vs safety/future issues) is no longer there - now it's purely about how many PP you're willing to spend.

Previously I'd have to seriously consider whether the tradeoff was worth it - if the current effort in the theatre was high enough then sometimes I would actually take Gerke's suggestion. Now it's a no-brainer: if the PP are there, it's stupid not to do it, as there are no downsides apart from the PP spent and the minor loss of relation with either Brauchitsch or Keitel.

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