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ETF -> Finished my 2 year game.... (4/11/2020 11:00:58 AM)

Looking to start another with my opponent. What would recommend these days guys - which Map is the nicest and most detailed?
Are there any MOD's that are fairly easy to use/install that ENHANCE the game beyond Vanilla?
Neither of us are top-notch computer guys. Right now we have a modded map installed (not even sure which one we used lol). Would we have to completely uninstall our machines and re-install for a new Mod and/or Map?

Thanks for any help guys.

kbfchicago -> RE: Finished my 2 year game.... (4/16/2020 3:40:39 PM)

You might catch more answers on this in the top forum or War Room.

My 2 cents - play LST's Bottlenecks in the pacific. He built on top of DBB so include's DBB in game function enhancements. Many additions to vanilla for both IJ and allied, a simplified IJ production system, a plethora of joys if you love the detail in the game!

Happy Gaming,


PaxMondo -> RE: Finished my 2 year game.... (4/17/2020 12:47:49 AM)

JWE's DaBabes would probably be my choice. They tweaked a lot of the device stats to align the game engine with reality a bit better than stock. Not that they were better than the original team, JWE was part of the original team, but +2 years of playtesting and tweaking was something the original team didn't have. It's a big deal. Finally, in line with the accuracy goal, a number of little 'gifts' for the IJ were backed out, the biggest is that refineries do not produce supply. That represents almost a 1M supply hit to the IJ, consequential to say the least.

The result is about the most accurate portrayal I believe we have. As such, you need to give the IJ everything you can to help (with balanced opponents) or the game will be fairly predictable (ie not very entertaining for either side really). PDU ON, stacking limits, withdrawals, historical torps, etc. You may even want to consider that the IJ doesn't have to pay PP's for units to cross borders, but the allies do. The rationale is that the allies were a conglomerate and many of them were quite averse to any thought that their armies would leave the boundaries of their country (Thai, SOV, CHI for examples). The IJ though was more homogenous; the rule to keep the IJ units in MAN as opposed to them moving to CHI is simply a game mechanic; there wasn't any cultural hindrance.

At any rate, DBB is a good mod. If we had good AI files for it, I would likely play it more. The AI files we have do work to some extent, but there were some TOE and unit changes made that the AI does not know about. Further, the extended map addresses some real issues, but again the AI doesn't know about them.

larryfulkerson -> RE: Finished my 2 year game.... (4/17/2020 3:53:40 AM)

The BTS-L team just put out a new version. It's being beta tested as we speak.

Sardaukar -> RE: Finished my 2 year game.... (4/17/2020 5:51:18 AM)

And if not wanting to go to full DBB, Babes Lite A is very good.

I play it vs. IJ AI, since it can use updated stock AI versions by AndyMac.

DOCUP -> RE: Finished my 2 year game.... (4/17/2020 5:15:48 PM)

Depends on what your looking for ETF. Enhanced Japanese, Allied or both. There are several mods that do that. Ask and you will get an answer.

ETF -> RE: Finished my 2 year game.... (4/24/2020 9:17:39 PM)

Thanks, guys looking for a more simplified JAP industry. My opponent loves playing them but it causes him headaches. Realism is important for assets on the board/Combat etc. If we use a mod would we have to do a reload and do the Mod's come with there own map also gents?

Is there a link to LST's Bottlenecks in the pacific?

I appreciate all the help!


ETF -> RE: Finished my 2 year game.... (4/24/2020 11:14:21 PM)

Think I found it :)

Not really sure it seems the supply issues might be difficult for us to understand and use.....any comments or concerns with LST? Hundreds of more ships?

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