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trutyjoh -> Logs (4/8/2020 8:59:08 PM)

I'm a relatively new player to this system (longtime boardgamer....) I pBEM and would like to see a more detailed AAR from the previous turn.... I would like to print it out and go over it with the printed section of the map from then last turn (I screen shot). That possible to get a printable report?

Hellen_slith -> RE: Logs (4/8/2020 9:35:51 PM)

several log files can be turned on / off in the player options dialogue. They are described below. I think what you might want is the "sitrep" log "Situation Report" but that does not always show everything from a PBEM turn. I have found that sometimes it does show all the report, sometimes it does not. Not sure what governs how much it shows.


Hellen_slith -> RE: Logs (4/8/2020 10:12:34 PM)

This is what a sitrep report for one battle looks like (from my game w/ the computer) it will not have as much detail I don't think for a PBEM game, it will be full report for hot seat (I think) and for against computer (I know). It can get pretty lengthy if you have a lot of battles, each battle will have its own report, all in one log file. Also creates an Excel file, but I haven't found much use for that. I like the text style better.


trutyjoh -> RE: Logs (4/9/2020 6:45:31 PM)

Thanks for the info.... Have a twist. Playing on my Mac under Parallels using Windows 7... any idea where these files are stored as well as any video files... When I save the game I can see the .sal files in My Documents->My Games->TOAWIV->Saves. but nothing else. Also are those same reports generated in a play against the computer game? Or only PBEM?

Thanks again

Hellen_slith -> RE: Logs (4/9/2020 7:09:59 PM)

I don't know about that, but on my game, the sitrep logs are saved in the same place as the save game files (my docs\Games\TOAW\Saves etc.) it saves one text file, and one excel file


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