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ncc1701e -> Ion Antonesc (4/7/2020 11:58:41 AM)

There is a "u" character missing for Ion Antonescu.


AlvaroSousa -> RE: Ion Antonesc (4/7/2020 2:07:03 PM)


ncc1701e -> RE: Ion Antonesc (4/9/2020 11:58:15 AM)

Problem still there in V1.00.7U4.

ncc1701e -> RE: Ion Antonesc (5/31/2020 9:00:45 AM)

BUMP - still there.

And please, for French OOB, could you please correct Pierre Billotte to Gaston Billotte?

This is not Pierre Billotte, this is Gaston Billotte that is commanding the Groupe d'armées n°1 in 1940. Pierre Billotte is the son of Gaston Billotte.


AlvaroSousa -> RE: Ion Antonesc (5/31/2020 3:44:23 PM)

I got it. I swore I fixed the Romanian one.

PanzerMike -> RE: Ion Antonesc (5/31/2020 4:29:05 PM)

You did, but not anymore...

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Ion Antonesc (6/1/2020 4:49:18 PM)

Well they are fixed again now.

ncc1701e -> RE: Ion Antonesc (6/1/2020 7:01:40 PM)

Are you using git? [:D]

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