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Rostov22 -> Morning Sun: Final Campaign (4/6/2020 10:56:18 PM)

For the final scenario(Chongqing) secondary objective is to capture Chiang. I see he zips up in a recon car, then next turn retreats. Does he stay on the map or will he make a break for the exit?

bru888 -> RE: Morning Sun: Final Campaign (4/10/2020 1:42:43 AM)

Well, when you first spot him, he moves due west from near Zhongzhou to the outskirts of Linshui. When he gets there, he waits until your forces get around halfway across the map. When they do, he heads southwest to Chongqing. Here is where it gets interesting.

Originally, when his strength gets below 4, he was supposed to exit the map. There is a trigger in there that fails the objective when he does but it never gets used. I bet they disconnected it because the exit is so close to where he is sitting (next to the airfield outside Chongqing), he probably scooted too quickly for the objective to be won. So they made him a sitting duck instead

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