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Coda -> Steel Panthers complete game manual (4/6/2020 10:46:36 PM)


I'm hoping someone can help me out with a few questions I have about Steel Panthers.

The version of Steel Panthers which I own comes with game manual 5.0. This version of the manual seems to have many gaps in it, as though it was meant to merely update earlier game manuals which I don't have. Is it possible to obtain an earlier manual which has a comprehensive set of rules?

Also I am playing a campaign game and don't fully understand the scoring which is posted at the end of each scenario. I understand the points received for capturing the victory hexes. But have been unable to figure out how many points are scored for other things, such as eliminating opposing units or having my own units eliminated. I am wondering if, and where, I can find out that information.

Thanks for reading this and I'd appreciate any guidance you could give me.


Major_Mess -> RE: Steel Panthers complete game manual (4/12/2020 8:42:16 PM)


The Matrix Manual V5.0 was apparently written by more than a few folks, a long time ago with no real strong editing involved. So while the info is "there" in the pages, ya gotta lot of work to do to piece it all together.
On top of that, SPWaW had some very significant changes implemented starting with V6 IIRC, continuing until the early V8 builds. The kicker was that no-one updated the manual, so now you've got a lot of missing / incomplete / wrongly described / totally wrong information in which to work with.

Our only saving grace, was these Forums, along with the old Depot Forums. A bunch of years ago I set about to mine some info for an ASL friend that wanted to play. It grew from there. A Lot.
If you decide to D/L the Enhanced Version from my sig, you'll find a SPWaW Field Manual in the Extras\Manuals's folder. The Field manual was my attempt to lay out the info about this game in an easy to read, and easy to find what you're looking for format. AKAIK, the data is still valid, other than the Spotting routines. We got that dialled in after this Guide was made.
Field Manual V1.0 linked HERE for your convenience.

Hahahahahahhahahhahahaha Good Luck with that mate!
The scoring system as we have it is fubared.

Here is a post from our exalted Matrix member Poopyhead who took the time to try and sort out how this works. I'm sure he had a headache after trying to explain it. Annnnnnd, HERE he is, 'spainin' it again.


Major Mess

Red_L.E.D. -> RE: Steel Panthers complete game manual (4/16/2020 4:38:57 PM)

The Steel Panthers III manual simply has this to say about scoring:


Your score is the number of Battle Points won for destroying enemy units and capturing Victory Objectives. A Decisive victory occurs when your score is 8 times that of your opponent, a Minor victory merely requires twice the points. A point total between 2 to 1 and 1 to 2 is considered a draw although in many individual scenarios, you can consider a point total of 1.25 times your opponent a Marginal victory. Units that retreat off-map are not counted as losses.

But the ratios might be different for SPWaW.

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