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countrboy -> AI advantage? (4/6/2020 10:25:15 PM)

I'm busy playing my first game with TOAW and am playing the CFNA as Axis.

In early 1941 I captured Tobruk and pushed the Allies back to El Alamein (actually the AI just pulled back and didn't stand until Alamein). Anyway, a large battle erupted and the Allies utterly decimated my forces. In one engagement, I had around 120 panzers destroyed by Australian infantry, with not a single Allied tank in sight. In just a couple of full frontal attacks the Allies wiped out the 21st Panzer division, the 15th Panzer division and the 90th Light.

I was a little surprised by this, so jumped in as the Allied player to see what the Axis were facing and really, it was mostly infantry battalions, with no tanks even near the front. And in most cases the Axis units had been overwhelmed by just a handful of attacking units, whereas there were 6 or 7 Axis units per hex.

I then let the AI play the next Axis turn, and it amazingly took this beaten bunch of crappy units and smashed the Allies apart! Suddenly single Italian infantry battalions were smacking the Aussies all over the park! Is that right? Does the AI have some sort of an advantage when it plays, or is it just a far better player than me? I am definitely a TOAW novice, but it just seems a little wrong...

DownNOut -> RE: AI advantage? (4/7/2020 2:10:18 AM)

As far as I know there is no AI only a PO (Programed Opponent). When you play the computer PO you are playing against the scenario designer's programming for the enemy. One reason for the thrashing could be that your units health could have gotten extremely low. I know that in the game I am playing each unit loses about 10% health every turn that it moves. I have to wait till they recover often or I will be at a disadvantage during combat.
I am new to the game so find some things a learning curve and the PO can be quite good.

countrboy -> RE: AI advantage? (4/7/2020 2:21:55 AM)

The Axis units were a little battered, but then I was amazed at how the PO took those same units and totally beat up the Allied forces. I guess I was wondering does the PO get some sort of built-in advantage? Favourable dice rolls or something....?

sPzAbt653 -> RE: AI advantage? (4/7/2020 3:25:59 AM)

You could check your PO Options in the Game Options. There are two categories with various settings.


As far as I know there is no AI

Not really, because for TOAW, Single Player Mode has two levels. There is Level 1, an AI, it is a written code program that is in place for every scenario and is not accessible to scenario designers [and well it shouldn't be]. Level 2 is separate, it is the Programmed Opponent [PO] that must be programmed by the scenario designer for every scenario in order to function. Level 1 won't really do anything unless given direction by Level 2. The amount of programming for Level 2 by scenario designers varies. It can range from just enough to allow the game to function [which for most players would not be considered a challenge], to full blown 'my programmed opponent will crush you'.

countrboy -> RE: AI advantage? (4/7/2020 12:10:10 PM)

I'm just trying to understand the game mechanics.

I loaded up a saved game and handed control of the Axis over to the PO. At the end of the turn I reloaded the game, but kept control of Axis and wasn't able to replicate its victories in many battles - I assume there must be some random element that prevents the same result time after time, however it really seemed to me that given the same set of circumstances, the PO is able to achieve outcomes which arenot possible as a human player. Am I just crazy or is it true?

Lobster -> RE: AI advantage? (4/7/2020 12:33:48 PM)


ORIGINAL: countrboy

Am I just crazy or is it true?

You are a war gamer. The answer should be obvious. [:D]

I do think the AI might have some advantages. At the same time it does some incredibly stupid things.

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